Iteration Software Launches Real-time Reporting Platform Optimized for Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Active Reporting Software Delivers Up-To-The-Second Information To Tablet PCs and Other Devices

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 7, 2002 -- Iteration Software, a provider of real-time reporting and delivery solutions, today announced the beta availability of the Iteration Real-time Platform, which is optimized for the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system. Enterprises implementing the Iteration Real-time Platform will experience improved efficiency, reduced costs, and more tightly monitored operations, while taking full advantage of the benefits of a remote and/or mobile workforce.

Iteration defines real-time reporting as up-to-the-second delivery of continuously changing enterprise data. This "active" data finds the user and delivers alerts and reports at the right time and to the right device. With the introduction of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, remote and mobile Tablet PC users will be able to take advantage of Iteration's unique, "presence aware" delivery and pen-based collaboration for real-time reports.

"Businesses today need information at lightning speed, instantly delivered to exactly the right person, in the right format, at the moment an enterprise event occurs. Our platform meets this need, delivering alerts and reports to end users within two to 10 seconds of an event," said Ken Gardner, founder, president, and CEO, Iteration Software. "The rich, pen-based, collaborative environment provided by Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition represents an ideal platform for our solution."

"The power, versatility and mobility of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, combined with the enterprise-wide reach of Iteration's Real-time solution, will bring an unprecedented, information-rich collaborative environment to leading businesses," said Alexandra Loeb, vice president of the Tablet PC division, Microsoft Corporation.

More about Iteration's Real-Time Reporting Platform

Because traditional business intelligence systems have built in latencies that do not allow for true real-time reporting, Iteration has developed an entirely new platform. The Iteration Real-time Platform has following attributes:

-- It is based upon an event-driven architecture that captures data directly from the enterprise transaction stream. This allows for the active delivery of information within 2-10 seconds of an event or transaction, without the massive overhead of a query-driven approach.

-- It provides reports in tangible, human consumable formats such as charts, graphs, cross tabs, receipts, and forms, rather than XML messages.

-- It is characterized by "presence aware delivery." The information finds the user and delivers alerts and reports at the right time and to the right device.

-- Once delivered and viewed, reports continue to be active and update themselves on screen in real-time as the underlying data changes, without requiring users to manually refresh or resubmit the report.

The Iteration Real-time Platform is currently in beta and will be commercially available in Q1, 2003. Organizations interested in participating in Iteration's Beta Program should email

About the Tablet PC

The Tablet PC represents the evolution of the business notebook personal computer. It marks a new direction for notebook PCs, adding pen-based technologies to existing notebook functionality and enabling Windows XP-compatible applications to take advantage of various input modes, such as pen- and voice-based data. The Tablet PC will be among the most versatile PCs ever made, with high-powered and efficient processors, lightweight designs, and, for many, built-in wireless capability. All Tablet PCs will have keyboards, some permanently attached and others detachable. But the Tablet PC is more than just a great notebook. The real value of the Tablet PC is that it makes it possible for information workers to bring the power of their business PC into more places than ever before, and they can do it with the same software they use on their office PC or notebook today.

About Iteration Software

Iteration is a privately held software company focused on developing real-time reporting and information delivery products for the enterprise. Combining the latest in business intelligence and wireless delivery technology, the Company seeks to fuel the growth of the wireless Internet and enable access to complex corporate systems and information for up-to-the-second reporting anytime, anywhere. Founded in February 2002, Iteration is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information about Iteration, please visit the company Web site at

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