IBM Selects Corticon to Provide a Complete Business Performance Management Solution

Corticon Integrates Business Rules Management with Business Process Management to Enable On Demand Computing

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 25, 2004 -- Corticon Technologies, a leading provider of business rules management software, announced today that it has joined the growing list of partners to deliver upon the new IBM (NYSE: IBM) Business Performance Management (BPM) initiative. Launched earlier this month, the IBM BPM initiative unites business process management with IT management to allow business leaders to manage in real-time, historical, and predictive contexts in order to improve responsiveness to market opportunities, competitive actions, and regulatory changes.

As part of the recent BPM launch at PartnerWorld, IBM demonstrated Corticon Business Rules Management within its BPM Solution demonstration. Highlighting Corticon Business Rules Management, customers were shown how they can better understand and model the business rules that govern their operational processes, such as where to route a claim, or how much to pay out on an invoice. In addition, the demonstration illustrated how the Corticon business rules models can be incorporated as Web services into applications in a WebSphere* environment to effectively automate the decision points within operational processes.

"IBM is pleased to work with companies like Corticon to provide complementary solutions for our WebSphere software. Corticon Business Rules Management provides a critical layer of the IBM BPM initiative by enabling business people, not programmers, to model and automate the rules that govern business processes," said Bill Reedy, Vice President of Business Development, IBM Software. "Corticon's product supports IBM's BPM vision by enabling greater transparency and responsiveness over business processes and performance."

Corticon Business Rules Management brings two critical capabilities to business performance management. First, the Corticon Business Rules Modeler provides one of the industry's first design tools that enable business users to model business rules that are directly executable without the assistance of programmers. Second, the Corticon Business Rules Engine enables the rule models to be incorporated into transactional systems as standards-based Web services. Corticon's industry-leading products enable companies to streamline their business processes, ensure consistent execution of strategy and policy, and maximize business agility.

"To achieve true business advantage, a comprehensive BPM system should include a set of flexible business rules that allow business users to optimize processes without the need for programming," said Dr. Mark Allen, President and CEO of Corticon Technologies. "Corticon's tight integration with IBM's BPM products enable customers to improve responsiveness, deploy complex business strategies, and enhance the agility of their operations."

About Corticon Technologies, Inc.

Corticon Technologies helps organizations make better, faster decisions by managing the rules that drive their business. Corticon Business Rules Management, which delivers a next-generation business rules modeler and business rules engine, ensures the consistent, efficient and reliable execution of a company's strategies and policies. Unlike competitive products that require skilled programmers, Corticon's solution is as easy to use as a spreadsheet. This results in transformational productivity improvements in key business processes. Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with an engineering center in Culver City, Calif., Corticon is a venture-backed, privately held company. For additional information on Corticon and its solutions call +1 650-212-2424 or visit the company's Web site at

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