New Clinical Handheld Application ePocrates Dx(TM) Offers Doctors Seamless Access to Drug and Disease Information

ePocrates Rx Pro(TM) Premium Drug Reference Gets New Look and Adds Dosing Calculator

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 3, 2004 -- ePocrates has launched the ePocrates Dx(TM) disease reference. Based on content from 5-Minute Clinical Consult, this newest handheld application in ePocrates' widely used clinical reference suite will enable physicians and other health care professionals to easily consult comprehensive information on over 1,200 diseases and conditions, and seamlessly access other information in the ePocrates Clinical Suite.

ePocrates has also updated ePocrates Rx, the leading handheld drug reference, and its premium version, ePocrates Rx Pro, simplifying the download process and including enhancements to its already user-friendly interface that adds, for example, a top level navigation tab for the frequently used infectious disease database and brings the formulary information right below the navigational tabs for quick access. Most notable is the addition of an embedded dosing calculator for subscribers to the ePocrates Rx Pro premium reference.

"Physicians have lots of questions and unfortunately today those answers are in a variety of resources. Here at ePocrates we're bringing the answers together in an integrated format that is clinically relevant and easy to use," said ePocrates President and CEO John Voris. "ePocrates Dx is an important step in expanding our clinical reference suite. Our goal is to become the 'all-in-one' point-of-care reference for health care professionals."

Already over 340,000 physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health care professionals, including over 20 percent of U.S. physicians, subscribe to ePocrates drug reference applications and those who enjoyed a preview during the ePocrates Dx beta-testing have quickly added ePocrates Dx to their handheld arsenal.

"Before I got ePocrates Dx, I had been using a different 5MCC program for my handheld. It is much more convenient to use ePocrates Dx with ePocrates Rx since the two programs are integrated and are so easy to navigate. Having both programs combined into one saves me time finding the information I need and saves memory on my handheld. I also like that ePocrates Dx is updated regularly and includes ICD-9 coding information. ePocrates Dx and ePocrates Rx Pro are invaluable tools, helping me provide the best patient care," said Shailesh D. Dhaduk, MD, an American Board of Family Practitioners Diplomate practicing in Texas.

The 6,000-plus links between the ePocrates Dx and other ePocrates applications result in an unprecedented level of integration and clearly set ePocrates Dx apart from both print and other handheld versions of the popular 5-Minute Clinical Consult reference on which the ePocrates Dx content is based. Additionally, ePocrates Dx is updated and supplemented with content from the ePocrates Medical Information Team. New diseases, or an outbreak of a disease that has re-emerged, for example, will be added to the clinical application giving healthcare professionals subscribing to the service access to up-to-date information whenever they sync their PDA.

ePocrates Dx is an easy-to-use tool when physicians and other health care professionals need a quick reminder regarding treatment, want to check signs and symptoms or differential diagnoses of a disease and look at the recommended medications. ePocrates Dx has built-in hyperlinks to check for possible drug interaction as well via the ePocrates Rx drug reference.

"ePocrates Dx provides the physician or health care practitioner a data snapshot where they need it most -- in the exam room at the point-of-care, not back at their desk in a cumbersome reference book," added Voris.

ePocrates Dx is available for download from as either an annual or two-year, low cost subscription. It is initially compatible with only handheld devices using the Palm OS and synchronizing to a Windows PC.

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San Mateo, CA -based ePocrates Inc. is the leader in providing clinical information to physicians and other health care professionals at the point of care. Over 340,000 health care professionals, including over 140,000 U.S. physicians, currently subscribe to a version of the ePocrates Rx(R) drug reference, including ePocrates Rx, its core clinical reference guide, ePocrates Rx Pro(TM), which also includes an herbal database and an infectious disease application, and ePocrates Rx Online(TM), which extends access via the Internet and provides additional features like printable patient education information. ePocrates also provides formulary information from health plans, hospitals, Medicaid agencies and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) companies that represent over 95 million individuals, and messaging, market research and clinical trial recruitment services. For more information on ePocrates, visit

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