Oracle(R) Database 10g on Linux Sets World Record for Three Terabyte Data Warehousing Benchmark

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., March 3, 2004 -- Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL) today announced a world record TPC-H three terabyte (TB) benchmark result for Oracle(R) Database 10g and Oracle(R) Real Application Clusters demonstrating Oracle's ability to cost effectively manage large scale data warehouses on low-cost clustered Linux servers.

Running on an eight-node cluster of industry-standard HP ProLiant DL740 servers, each with four Intel Xeon 3.0GHz processors on Red Hat Enterprise Linux v. 3, Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Real Application Clusters achieved 22,387.9 QphH@3000GB at an unmatched price performance of $93/QphH@3000GB. This record Linux server result demonstrates the power of Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Real Application Clusters to deliver high performance, complex query processing on small, low-cost clustered servers. Oracle now holds world records for TPC-H benchmarks at one and three TB scale factors on Linux.

"Increasingly, companies are turning to Linux for their data warehousing projects for better performance at lower cost," said Richard Sarwal, vice president of Server Performance at Oracle. "This is our second TPC-H record for Oracle Database 10g on a Linux cluster, and it shows our commitment to scaling data warehouses for the enterprise."

In addition to the TPC-H one and three TB record Linux benchmark results, Oracle also holds the TPC-C performance world record of 1.18 million transactions per minute (tpmC) on a cluster of HP Integrity rx5670 servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Real Application Clusters.

About Oracle Database 10g

Oracle Database 10g is designed to be effectively deployed on everything from small blade servers to the biggest SMP servers and clusters of all sizes. It features automated management capabilities for easy, cost effective operation. Oracle Database 10g's unique ability to manage all data from traditional business information to XML documents and spatial/location information makes it the ideal choice to power Online Transaction Processing, Decision Support, and Content Management applications.

About TPC-H

TPC-H is a decision support benchmark consisting of a suite of business oriented ad-hoc queries and concurrent data modifications. The performance metric is called the TPC-H Composite Query-per-Hour Performance Metric (QphH@Size) and reflects multiple aspects of the capability of the system to process queries. More information is available at .

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As of March 3, 2004:

      HP ProLiant DL740 cluster, (32 processors, 8 servers) 22,387.9
  QphH@3000GB, $93/QphH@3000GB, available March 3, 2004.

      Lenovo Legend DeepComp 6800 cluster (16 processors, 4 servers), 9,950.7
  QphH@1000GB, RMB 1,321/QphH@1000GB, available May 6, 2004.

      HP Integrity rx5670 server cluster (64 processors, 16 servers)
  1,184,893.38 tpmC, $5.52/tpmC, available April 30, 2004.2.8

Source: Transaction Processing Council (TPC). For more information on TPC-H and TPC-C benchmarks, please visit TPC is a registered trademark by the Transaction Processing Council.

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