pbviews Unveils Performance Maps and Scalability Enhancements in Version 6.0 of its Widely Deployed Performance Management Software Solution

TORONTO, March 9, 2004 -- With a decade of experience in Performance Management, Panorama Business Views continues its commitment to being the solution of choice for leading Fortune 1000 and government organizations worldwide with the release of Version 6.0. The development of this new release was, as usual, driven by extensive customer feedback. Version 6.0 provides unique, new functionality, including a dynamic Performance Map interface and further enhancements to support enterprise-wide deployments, such as: Oracle and SQL Server Database Support, Audit Trails and Advanced Authentication Support.

Performance Maps:

A totally new user interface has been developed to support dynamic, interactive graphical representations of performance information and linkages, including: Strategy Maps, Cause-and-Effect Diagrams, Geographical Performance Maps, Process Maps, Business Flow Diagrams, Product / Brand Market Maps, etc. Maps can be built in a matter of minutes using a specially developed 'drag and drop' drawing tool and users will be able to display performance information and executive dashboards directly from them. They can also 'drill-through' to greater levels of detail. In addition, Maps can contain links to internal documents, such as reports and books, and also to external resources -- documents, websites, discussion forums or other applications. pbviews' unique architecture also allows Maps to be easily displayed for any organizational or geographic location, eliminating the need to build multiple map structures.

"Version 6.0 adds an exciting new element to the Performance Management offering from pbviews", said Henry Morris, Group VP, Applications and Information Access, at IDC. "The new Performance Maps feature facilitates the ability for users to navigate from strategic to operational measures in a concise and integrated fashion. In true pbviews style, the flexibility of Performance Maps provides not only Strategy Maps, but capabilities such as: Cause-and-Effect Mapping, Business Flow Charting and Geographical Measurements; while also providing access to the underlying detail in pbviews' intuitive Briefing Book and Performance Views displays."

Enhanced Scalability:

Version 6.0 will give users the option of storing pbviews data in either the supplied standard, royalty free, embedded database or in an Oracle(TM) or Microsoft(TM) SQL Server relational database. It is also possible to support multiple database platforms and transfer database information between them.

Audit Trail:

A new advanced Audit Trail feature allows administrators to track all changes made to the data and objects in the system, and a user friendly interface permits audit information and system usage to be quickly and selectively analyzed.

Advanced Authentication Support:

This new feature will appeal to the many organizations that are moving to a centralized approach to application authentication. With Version 6.0 customers can utilize the following supported external authentication for their users to gain access to pbviews: Windows NT Domain Authentication, LDAP - (Sun i-Planet and Microsoft) and Microsoft Active Directory (via LDAP). This will eliminate the need for users to execute multiple logins and to remember multiple user names and passwords.

"The combination of Enterprise infrastructure enhancements and our groundbreaking Performance Maps feature make pbviews 6.0 the only choice for serious Corporate Performance Managers," stated Jeff Perkins, Chief Technology Officer, Panorama Business Views. "Our users will be able to reach new heights in their Performance Management systems and as a result perform better in both their own organizations and relevant industries."

About Panorama Business Views

Founded in 1993, Panorama Business Views is a leading provider of automated Performance Management solutions that help organizations achieve their strategic goals through improved alignment and focus. Their state of the art software, practical expertise and unparalleled customer support make pbviews the solution of choice for today's performance driven organizations. Utilized by over 350 Fortune 1000 and government organizations, pbviews is adaptable to any framework, including: the Balanced Scorecard, Malcolm Baldrige, Six Sigma, The President's Management Agenda and Performance-Based Contracting.

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