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CARY, N.C. (March 30, 2004) – SAS today delivered SAS®9 to users worldwide, complete with a new platform, enhanced analytics and refined user interfaces that provide fresh insights for solving business problems and driving competitive advantage. This software marks the most significant release in SAS’ 28-year history. SAS®9 is faster, more efficient and easier to use than its predecessors. It can accommodate changing organizational needs without any loss of efficiency. The new platform connects all SAS applications so they work together transparently, and it also communicates with other data sources and programs.

SAS®9 includes the SAS Intelligence Platform, a broad set of integrated software for unmatched data integration, easy-to-use business reporting and unparalleled analytics. It also boasts enhancement of the most tightly integrated optimization and predictive analytics capabilities available, making it even easier to answer complex questions that cannot be addressed by traditional business intelligence (BI).

“For years, SAS has been known as the industrial-strength analytics standard of choice,” said Jim Goodnight, president and CEO of SAS. “SAS®9 delivers the depth and breadth of enterprise BI that goes far beyond traditional query and reporting to deep analytics – which is where most BI vendors stop short. The SAS Intelligence Platform gives organizations the decision-making confidence they need to meet regulatory compliance requirements and other business needs.”


Analysts, customers, and other industry observers are impressed with the enhancements of SAS analytics as well as the overall powerful capabilities of SAS®9.

“I’m excited about the scalability, openness and interoperability of SAS®9,” said Tad Richard, vice president of technology development at Intellicisions Data Inc. “SAS has proven itself to be the leader in data warehousing; SAS®9 enhancements extend that lead. Using SAS®9 allows greater functionality while providing fit-to-task interfaces for business analysts, thus removing the bottleneck that results from depending on a specialized IT department. It’s critical to provide business intelligence throughout the enterprise, not only to isolated groups. SAS enables all leaders to execute knowledge-driven decisions.”

"We’re using SAS Enterprise Miner and Text Miner on the new SAS®9 platform, along with other SAS software, to look at improving the quality of patient care by investigating the impact of hospital procedures upon outcomes,” said Dr. Patricia Cerrito of the University of Louisville. “We’ve experienced greater depth of analytical functionality and new levels of ease of use. We couldn’t be happier with the integrated SAS®9 analytics tools. We’re continually amazed by insights that were previously hidden, and we’re proving over and over that SAS is worth its weight in gold.”

The SAS Intelligence Platform is built on a standards-centric architecture,” said Ian Charlesworth, senior research analyst at Butler Group. “Scalability and reliability are further ensured via new features such as multithreading and distributed computing, or grid computing capabilities.”

“In the past, we had limited access to operational information to support management decision-making,” said Seung Choi Hoi, general manager for field information strategy at LG Home Shopping Inc., based in Seoul, Korea. “Now we have an infrastructure in place that easily delivers this information through its integrated, enterprisewide view that expands and supplements our data warehouse. In addition, by adopting SAS®9, we were able to build a foundation that allows us to rapidly and seamlessly react to constantly changing business needs.”


SAS®9 analytics are part of an integrated, scalable, high-performance platform that gives executives unprecedented foresight, allowing them to anticipate the changing needs of the organization. Enhanced analytics in SAS®9 include a comprehensive set of capabilities like predictive and descriptive modeling, forecasting, simulation, optimization, and design of experiments. SAS®9 takes full advantage of analytical advances, equipping users with additional and enhanced predictive modeling capabilities, PMML scoring code to ease deployment on analytics, and a Web-based model repository to enable reusability.

Now with new Java interfaces, SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Text Miner enable forward-thinking organizations to analyze both structured data and unstructured text more easily. SAS text mining is fully integrated within SAS data mining, making it easy to achieve results more efficiently.

Market-leading SAS Enterprise Miner is powerful and flexible data mining software that simplifies and streamlines the process of analyzing data. Its rich suite of integrated data mining algorithms is now enhanced with an easy-to-use Java interface, allowing business analysts, IT specialists and quantitative experts to extract business knowledge from vast data stores and then create results that can be integrated within operational systems. SAS Enterprise Miner is indispensable for analytical CRM and financial decision-support initiatives, for monitoring compliance, for detecting fraud and money laundering, and for quality-improvement use in manufacturing environments. SAS Text Miner discovers and extracts knowledge from text documents. It is used in analyzing a myriad of data, including information from call centers, customer or employee surveys, competitive intelligence, and patents. SAS Text Miner can also help detect emerging product issues. In SAS®9, the solution supports several additional languages, expanding its usefulness globally.


Now shipping, the SAS Intelligence Platform offers a range of software, including data integration through the SAS Enterprise ETL Server, intelligence storage, advanced analytics, portal capabilities, and query and reporting through the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server. The SAS Intelligence Platform lays the foundation for future SAS solutions, as announced in a separate news release today.

SAS®9 data integration includes data quality and a common metadata repository for ensuring reliability of information across computing systems. SAS Enterprise ETL Server cleanses and integrates data into a common, usable data store that offers an available, consistent and verifiable set of answers across the enterprise. Enhanced in SAS®9, SAS analytics answer complex questions. A diverse set of predictive, descriptive and statistical analytics software helps decision makers anticipate how their actions will impact the future. SAS®9 turns every employee into a knowledge worker. SAS Enterprise BI Server offers several user interfaces to improve usability throughout all levels of the enterprise.


Enterprise intelligence is considered a strategic asset. SAS’ Intelligence platform is scalable and manageable. Its user-friendly foundation extends the reach of intelligence into any organizational level. The SAS Intelligence Value Chain allows users to advance from simple data access and reporting to reap the added benefits of analytic intelligence without retraining. From data integration to unparalleled analytic capabilities to business reporting, SAS delivers value and drives immediate results. Our software helps organizations increase return on investment, lower the cost of IT ownership and create a sustainable competitive advantage.


SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence. SAS solutions are used at more than 40,000 sites — including 96 of the top 100 of the 2003 Fortune Global 500 — to develop more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; to enable better, more accurate and informed decisions; and to drive organizations forward. SAS is the only vendor that completely integrates leading data warehousing, analytics and traditional BI applications to create intelligence from massive amounts of data. For nearly three decades, SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know®. Visit us at


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