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We are redesigning the subscriber zone that initially went online in 2002. You may have free access with username: student and password: uniguest. We are hoping to identify a sponsor or sponsors who will provide funding to make subscriptions unnecessary for the updated subscriber zone.

Premium Content

Our goal is to deliver high quality, premium content. We want to help you sort through the information overload related to supporting decision-makers using information technologies and help you figure out how it all "fits together".

The Subscriber Zone contains a web-based Decision Support Systems hyperbook (2000) and archived resources about DSS. In addition, you can read and print articles, search and access the DSS News archive, check out DSS case examples and use full-text search to research what's happening in this rapidly changing field.

Target Audience

The Subscriber Zone is targeted to a specialized audience. If you want to learn more about how to use information technologies and software to improve decision-making, then this site is targeted for you. Information Systems professionals can quickly update and expand their knowledge; students can start down a path as developers or users of DSS; DSS/MIS professors can stay current and help create this knowledge resource about Decision Support Systems. Join past subscribers from more than 25 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia, Singapore and Ireland and from all states in the United States.

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P.S. Help me build our web-based Decision Support Resources community and learn more about analytics, business intelligence and how Decision Support Systems are built, used and deployed in organizations. Perhaps you'll avoid "reinventing the wheel".