Basic Information

Founded in 1984, Palisade Corporation has been a leader in the decision analysis software industry. Since the introduction of PRISM, the first Monte Carlo simulation package for the PC, Palisade has refined and expanded the software tools available to executives and academics in the area of risk and decision analysis.


Palisade’s decision analysis software includes the DecisionTools® Suite: @RISK, TopRank®, PrecisionTree®, BestFit®, and RISKview™. The @RISK Developers Kit, @RISKAccelerator, @RISK for Project, Evolver™, and RISKOptimizer® round out the product line. These programs analyze risk, run Monte Carlo simulations, perform sensitivity analyses, create decision trees and influence diagrams, fit data to distributions, and solve optimization problems.

Contact Information

Email Address:
Phone Number: 607 277 8000

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