Basic Information

ProModel Solutions is a leading business process optimization and decision support company serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare and manufacturing industries. ProModel Solutions was formed in January 2000 as a result of the merger between ProModel Corporation and QuestOne Decision Sciences. ProModel Corporation, founded in 1988 in Orem, UT, was a leader in advanced simulation technology. QuestOne Decision Sciences, founded in 1987 in Bethlehem, PA, provided decision support solutions.


All of ProModel’s specialized solutions are driven by its VAO Technology that enables clients to “Visualize, Analyze and Optimize,” which leads to better decisions and realized performance and process optimization objectives.

Contact Information

Email Address:
Phone Number: (801) 223-4600
Toll-Free Phone Number: (888) 900-3090

Archived News Stories

12/05/2006 - ProModel Corporation’s simulation software used by the 2006 RIST prize winning Center for Army Analysis Army Forces Generation Modeling Simulation study team. Read More.

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