Basic Information

Since 1986, Decisioneering, Inc. has been providing decision analysis software and solutions to empower individuals and organizations to make better decisions. Decisioneering focuses on risk-analysis software to deliver better outcomes by defining risk and uncertainty.
James Franklin, President, CEO
1515 Arapahoe Street
Suite 1311
Denver, CO 80202


Their first software product was Crystal Ball. At the time, when Monte Carlo techniques were less well known to the general public, Crystal Ball represented an important advance in the way spreadsheets and computers could be used to forecast risk.
With the release of Crystal Ball 7 in March 2005, Decisioneering gave users the ability to run simulations up to 100 times faster than normal in Extreme Speed mode.

Contact Information

Email Address:
Phone Number: 303.534.1515
Toll-Free Phone Number: 800.289.2550 (US only)
Fax Number: 303.534.4818

Archived News Stories

04/30/2007 - New release of Crystal Ball gives users Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility and scatter charts. Read More.

10/27/2005 - Decisioneering Services to provide clients with risk analysis expertise. Read More.

03/16/2005 - Decisioneering releases Crystal Ball 7.1 with Extreme Speed. Read More.

09/30/2004 - Decisioneering announces Crystal Ball 7 for improved business decisions. Read More.

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