Consulting/Facilitation/Training Fees

Telephone Consulting

Telephone consulting on Decision Support topics is available for USD $150 per hour. Please contact power@DSSResources.com to arrange an appointment.

Does DSSResources.com offer customized Decision Support Systems classes and hold them for a single client?

YES! By customizing Decision Support Systems training, it is easier for the participants to transfer their learned skills to the workplace. By holding a "private" class for your staff, it is possible to have extended discussions on issues specific to your organization and environment.

What is the cost of a private class?

The cost of a half-day DSS overview (3 hours) is USD$2,000. The fee for a one-day DSS basics course (6 hours) is USD$3,000. Each additional day costs USD$2,500. The 5 day DSS comprehensive course (10 sessions) is USD$12,000 and the sessions may be spread over as many as 5 weeks. A private, customized DSS class can accommodate approximately 25 attendees. Videotaping is not permitted in this quotation.

What is the typical fee for a one-day Decision Support Systems Consulting/Facilitation assignment?

Facilitation and Consulting are charged based on the billing rate of the person providing assistance, for example:

  1. Principal (Dr. Power) - USD $2500/day
  2. Technical Specialist - approximately USD $1500/day

A one-day DSS analysis/design facilitation assignment typically requires one half-day of preparation, which may include meeting with the project sponsor to plan the session, and additional time for the facilitator to review materials, prepare questions, etc. Therefore, one day of facilitation and a half-day of planning and preparation is typically billed, for a total fee of USD $2250-$3750, depending upon the level of the Facilitator/Consultant requested.

A DSS Opportunity Analysis is a 1 day engagement billed at USD $2000 plus expenses. This is a get acquainted engagement that results in a written analysis of the best opportunities for building DSS that can create value for your firm. In some cases, the opportunity involves rebuilding an existing system, in other cases a decision process intervention is proposed that would result in building a new, specific DSS.

Do you build DSS?

Power Enterprises will implement customized, web-based knowledge repositories based upon open source technologies for companies. In general, we conduct feasibility studies and provide design and implementation consulting.

Why should you hire Dr. Dan Power and DSSResources.com?

Dr. Power has 30 years experience working with and studying decision support systems. He has both technical and managerial expertise. From his vantage point as Editor of DSSResources.COM and PlanningSkills.COM he tracks a broad range of contemporary DSS and planning topics. Also, Dr. Power advocates and uses a decision process centric approach to DSS analysis and design. Finally, you will receive an independent assessment of appropriate decision support technologies and software tools. We do not market any specific DSS software products. Check his home page.

Please Note: If you may be interested in hiring Dr. Dan Power or an associate for a consulting/training project, please request a free copy of Dr. Power's new book Decision Support Systems: Frequently Asked Questions (2005) as a starting point in evaluating our services. We want to help meet your needs and create business value. For more information and to request a copy of Dr. Power's book, please send him an email --> power@dssresources.com.

Please Note: Travel time is usually charged at $100/hour. The client is responsible for all reasonable travel expenses including airfare and lodging. When International travel is required a fixed travel fee is negotiated.

Fee schedule last updated 09/10/2006.