DSS Resources: What's New?

The following major changes were made to DSS Resources from 08/21/1996 to 09/28/1999.


·         09/28/1999 Activated DSSResources.COM web site.

·         07/26/1999 Created Model-Driven DSS page (it is under construction).

·         07/23/1999 Updated and renamed DW/OLAP page. Visit page on Data-Driven DSS.

·         04/28/1999 Added email from Bob Frankston (4/15/1999a, 4/15/1999b) and Mitch Kapor (4/15/1999) to the paper Power, D. "A Brief History of Spreadsheets".

·         04/28/1999 Published a DSS Product Directory. Reviews were completed by students.

·         04/27/1999 Updated Random DSS WWW Links page.

·         04/26/1999 Published a Russian version of the paper Power, D. J. " What is a DSS?" originally published in DS *, The On-Line Executive Journal for Data-Intensive Decision Support, October 21, 1997: Vol. 1, No. 3, translated by Nadia Soloukhina.

·         04/23/1999 Posted paper Power, D. J. "Web-based Decision Support Systems". DS*, The On-Line Executive Journal for Data-Intensive Decision Support, August 18 and 25, 1998: Vol. 2, Nos. 33 and 34. (URL http://dss.cba.uni.edu/papers/webdss).

·         04/20/1999 Added FastCounter by LinkExchange

·         04/13/1999 Updated D. J. Power's "DSS Web Tour", version 2.4.

·         04/12/1999 Updated "A Brief History of Spreadsheets", version 3.0.

·         04/05/1999 Added a javascript ticker to DSS Resources home page

·         04/01/1999 Created a personal web-based decision support system, Dan's DSS

·         03/16/1999 Published a French version of the paper Power, D. J. " What is a DSS?" titled "Qu'est-ce qu'un Système d'Aide à la Décision ?" originally published in DS *, The On-Line Executive Journal for Data-Intensive Decision Support, October 21, 1997: Vol. 1, No. 3, assisté par Thibaut Van den bergh.

·         3/11/1999 Updated Top 5%! DSS Web Sites. I am expanding the number of top sites listed. Send your nominations!!!

·         2/26/1999 Developing a new page called Multimedia Decision Support.

·         2/22/1999 Expanded Power, D. J., "A Brief History of Spreadsheets", version 2.0

·         2/12/1999 Updated DSS Books page and added 8 tables of contents pages.

·         2/8/1999 Updated the disclaimer.

·         2/5/99 Posted the initial Ask Dan! page.

·         1/29/99 Updated and added to DSS home DSS Surveys and links page.

·         1/25/99 Updated DSS Resources FAQ page. DSS Resources received datawarehouse.com Editor's Choice award. Updated DSS Resources history page.

·         1/22/99 Updated A Brief History of Decision Support Systems page.

·         1/22/1999 Updated University DSS Research Centers page. If your DSS research group is not listed, please let me know.

·         1/22/1999 Updated Journals/Newsgroups.

·         1/21/1999 Updated Web DSS Examples page.

·         1/15-21/1999 Updating page formats with new dsslogo.jpg and animatedss.gif and reformatted credits/copyright information.

·         1/20-21/1999 Updated and expanded the DSS Glossary. Created a frames interfaces.

·         1/18/1999 Posted DSS Quiz.

·         1/15/1999 Revised DSS home page at URL http://dss.cba.uni.edu/DSShome.html.

·         11/19/98 Added an alphabetical index to the DSS Glossary.

·         11/13/98 Posted an online copy of Power, D. J. and S. Kaparthi. The Changing Technological Context of Decision Support Systems. In Berkeley, D., G. Widmeyer, P. Brezillion & V. Rajkovic (Eds.) Context-Sensitive Decision Support Systems. London: Chapman and Hall, 1998.

·         10/29/98 Updated DW/OLAP page.

·         10/16/98 Posted Airline Industry DSS Survey

·         10/9/98 Posted DSS Resources Frequently Asked Questions page.

·         10/8/98 Updated General DSS Related WWW Links page.

·         9/2/98 Updated DSS Spreadsheet Links page.

·         8/12/98 Posted paper Power, D. J. "Justifying a Data Warehouse Project", Part I and II. DS*, The On-Line Executive Journal for Data-Intensive Decision Support, February 3 and 10, 1998: Vol. 2, No. 5 and 6.

·         8/10/98 Posted paper Power, D. J. "Tips for Choosing Enterprise-wide DSS Software" originally published in DS*, The On-Line Executive Journal for Data-Intensive Decision Support, November 18, 1997: Vol. 1, No. 7.

·         7/8/98 Posted slide show "The Changing Technological Context of Decision Support Systems" by D. Power and S. Kaparthi, IFIP WG 8.3 presentation, at "Context-Sensitive Decision Support Systems" Conference, Bled, Slovenia, July 13-15, 1998.

·         6/29/98 Updated and moved the page DSS Articles, Working Papers On-line to URL http://dss.cba.uni.edu/isworld/dssarticles.html.

·         6/28/98 Posted a Chinese version of Power, D. J. "What is a DSS?" prepared and translated by Jian Zhou.

·         6/8/98 Published a web version of the paper Power, D. J. " What is a DSS?" originally published in DS *, The On-Line Executive Journal for Data-Intensive Decision Support, October 21, 1997: Vol. 1, No. 3.

·         5/11/98-6/2/98 Developing a Poll CGI with Matt Behrens. Check DSS Poll.

·         5/4/98 Updated ISWorld pages DSS Research Page and DSS Teaching Page.

·         4/2/98 Updated DSS Web Tour.

·         3/31/98 Updated DSS Companies page.

·         2/17-3/17, 1998 Updated various pages including DSS Books, DSS Home, DSS Companies pages.

·         11/20/97 Created a DSS News page.

·         11/20/97 Updated the DSS Companies page.

·         10/21/97 Added pull-down menu to DSShome page and dss.cba.uni.edu index page

·         7/21/97 Updated the DSS Companies page. Added 14 companies and product information.

·         6/20/97 Published the DW/OLAP page.

·         5/7/97 Installed excite search engine; created index and added links; now you can use Excite software to search DSS Research Resources.

·         4/29/97 Updated and corrected links on the following pages. DSS Companies Page. Journals Page. Miscellaneous Page. DSS Researchers Page.

·         4/12/97 Published a revised version of the DSS Web Tour. The new tour uses frames.

·         4/9/97 Published DSS Book Reviews by Paul Gray page.

·         3/26/97 Published DSS News Groups, Mailing Lists page.

·         3/26/97 Published Online Courses page including Distance Learning links and Web Quiz

·         3/6/97 Updated the ISWorld DSS Research and ISWorld DSS Teaching pages

·         3/4/97 Created a new Guestbook using Perl (with J. Harms)

·         2/27/97 Created an Alphabetical Contents listing page and a separate Contents Overview page

·         2/21/97 Updated and expanded the DSS Glossary

·         2/20/97 Updated DSS Research Resources Home page and created a DSS Research Resources Table of Contents page

·         2/19/97 Added Random DSS Links page. It is linked from the DSS home page

·         2/12/97 Updated On-line DSS and Web enabled OLAP demos page

·         1/24/97 -- Added link to Spatial DSS page (maintained by Peter Keenan) to ISWorld DSS Research page.

·         1/24/97 - Added additional internal topic links to DSS Books page.

·         1/13/97 -- Started the Decision Support Systems Forum.

·         12/5/96 - Created the On-Line DSS Design and Development Questionnaire (maintained by D. Power and S. Kaparthi).

·         12/3/96 - Expanded the DSS Articles On-line page.

·         12/3/96 - Updated the DSS Companies page.

·         11/20/96 - Provided a brief rationale for Top 5! DSS web sites. Comments are appreciated.

·         10/21/96 - Expanded Tips for Choosing DSS Software. Comments are appreciated.

·         10/14/96 - Created a new page called A Brief History of Spreadsheets. Comments will be appreciated.

·         10/14/96 - Modified the DSS Teaching page.

·         10/14/96 - Added a search capability to the DSS Books page. Moved the dssbooks page to the Unix Netscape DSS server, updated links in DSS Research and Teaching pages, DSSHome page. A version was in testing for 2 weeks.

·         10/11/96 - Updated the DSS Companies page. Added Brio Technology and modified the list of DSS company links to be sorted

·         10/4/96 - Added additional Table of Contents entries to DSS Books page, cf., Keen, 1978 Table of Contents

·         09/25/96 - Updated Online DSS page

·         09/25/96 - Updated University DSS links page and added Swedish Institute for Systems Development

·         09/25/96 - Added links to DSS Articles On-line. This page is under construction.

·         09/12/96 - Updated DSS Companies page and added Tandem and Table of Contents

·         09/12/96 - Added IBM DSS cases link to ISWorld DSS cases page

·         09/12/96 - Created a frame-based version of DSS Research Resources home page

·         09/09/96 - Added new indexes to DSS Books

·         09/09/96 - Checked and changed formatting ISWorld DSS Teaching Resources and ISWorld DSS Research pages

·         09/03/96 - Added new page What's new! (A listing of changes to DSS Research Resources)

·         09/03/96 - Updated Top 5! (moved Top 5 and created an initial list of top DSS sites)

·         09/03/96 - Updated Relevant Professional Associations (new address AOM; new address OCIS; new address DAS)

·         08/30/96 - Updated and expanded DSS Spreadsheet links (Peter O'Donnell joined as a co-author added links to some of his pages)

·         08/29/96 - Published online paper Using Web Tools for Qualitative Data Analysis by Daniel Power

·         08/27/96 - Expanded DSS Books (added books, created topical index)

·         08/26/96 - Added new page Online DSS

·         08/23/96 - Created DSS password zone

·         08/21/96 - Added new page DSS Spreadsheet links

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