Call for papers: International Conference on DSS, San Francisco, California USA, August 5-6, 2009, due March 1, 2009

Fri, 9 Jan 2009 -- DSS 1979 - 2009 - 2039: Reflecting on Yesterday, Assessing Today, Envisioning Tomorrow( is the theme of the upcoming International Conference on Decision Support Systems (ICDSS 2009).

The theme of this two day International Conference is to reflect on the past thirty years of DSS activity, assess the current best practices in teaching and research, and envision the next thirty years of it. Concurrently, we will recognize the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the International Society for Decision Support Systems (ISDSS). The conference will be held on August 5-6, 2009, the days prior to the Americas Conference on Information Systems (August 6-9), at the same conference venue (San Francisco Marriott).

Professor Andrew Whinston will give a keynote address. Papers accepted for the conference will also be published in a volume of Annals of Information Systems.

The conference will consist of three segments. The first, Reflecting on Yesterday, will examine the rich history of DSS research and teaching by drawing on contributions from the field's luminaries. Contributions from pioneering DSS researchers and teachers have been solicited. Their responses will be synthesized by the program committee into an overview of the DSS field that outlines the accomplishments made and the challenges that exist.

The second segment, Assessing Today, and the third segment, Envisioning Tomorrow, will consist of presentations based on papers submitted in each category (described below). A number of presentations are also being scheduled from industry-based thought leaders regarding the application of new approaches to support future decision making environments.

Assessing Today

Papers in this category are encouraged to define the challenges facing today's researchers and teachers. Papers may describe current research (in progress or completed) or describe best practices in teaching DSS. Papers may also identify issues or obstacles to research or teaching and offer potential strategies for confronting any current challenges.

Topics to consider include (but are not limited to):

What is a DSS today?

What constitutes DSS research today?

What should DSS architecture include today?

How should models be used in DSS today?

How will new technologies impact teaching and research in DSS?

How does one best teach DSS today?

What are teaching strategies in DSS today?

Envisioning Tomorrow

Papers in this category are encouraged to envision future methods and technologies that may support technology-based decision making in the next two decades. Papers may outline questions that need to be addressed or existing problems that need to be solved. Papers may also identify trends in technology and methodology that are likely to influence the use of technologies in future decision support settings. Papers are solicited for this category that address the following questions:

How will DSS in 2039 differ from DSS today?

How will the market for DSS products and services differ from today?

What must occur to bridge gaps between current DSS research and practice?

What technological trends will influence DSS development over the next 30 years?

What should DSS research examine over the next 30 years?

How will teaching DSS in 2039 differ from teaching DSS today?

What framework can guide the development and use of technology-based decision making in the future?

Important Dates

Submissions Due: March 1, 2009 (send to

Acceptances Notified: April 30, 2009

Camera Ready Papers Due: July 1, 2009

Conference: August 5, 2009

Program Committee

Frada Burstein, Monash University, Australia

David Paradice, Florida State University, USA

Dan Power, University of Northern Iowa, USA

Ramesh Sharda, Oklahoma State University, USA


San Francisco, California is an international city of great renown. The city has world-class theaters, museums, and restaurants comparable to any city in the world. The city is also home to interesting cultural and historical locations such as Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Chinatown. The California wine country is within driving distance. Visitors can ride the famous cable cars up the hills of San Francisco to get breathtakingly beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

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