Sports teams, leagues tap SAS® Analytics to boost profits

San Francisco 49ers,, Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Hurricanes sign SAS®

CARY, NC, March 17, 2010 -- As entertainment dollars ebb, finding and keeping fans is a challenge. Game-changing solutions from SAS, the leader in business analytics, help sports teams and leagues sell more tickets, t-shirts and popcorn.

“Simply collecting data is not enough. Companies must analyze and understand as much data about their businesses as possible and use it to make smart decisions,” said Jeffrey Ma, author and co-founder, Citizen Sports. “Using SAS Analytics, sports organizations can systematically incorporate more information than ever and look objectively at which strategies will help them win.”

Sports organizations are rich with internal and external data, including social media, and they face challenges similar to government, academia and corporations: integrating data and using it to create strategies that build value at every interaction.

SAS Analytics provides techniques and processes for collecting, classifying, analyzing and interpreting data to reveal patterns and relationships, generating new insights and better answers faster. SAS’ analytical insights are being used to help improve fan experience, ticket sales and business operations.


Fans are spending unprecedented time online, generating volumes of unstructured data that can be harnessed. Analyzing online content, fan behavior data and demographics, the 49ers can identify season ticket holders at risk of not renewing and send them meaningful offers.

“We want to put forth as much effort to understand our fans as we do our players,” said Paraag Marathe, San Francisco 49ers Executive VP of Football and Business Operations. “Working with SAS and Destiny Corporation consultants, we are aiming to improve the overall fan experience, from visiting our website all the way through attending a 49ers game. By having a more robust view of our fans, we can communicate with them in ways they appreciate and develop personalized offers.”


Segmenting fans according to their likely behavior and potential profitability is vital to understanding them,” said Craig Duncan, Manager of Sports and Entertainment at SAS. “With SAS, teams and leagues are getting the information they need to evaluate and execute strategies to increase sales of individual game tickets and season tickets, along with renewals. A full stadium to support players means everyone wins – fans, players, sponsors and staff. The Jacksonville Jaguars recently selected SAS Analytics, with Destiny Corporation as business consulting advisors, to help them increase ticket sales. SAS fan segmentation draws on the most comprehensive analytics that a sport has ever seen.”


" works hard to know its customer's preferences at the individual level,” said Greg Doran, Senior Director, Enterprise Information Systems. “With millions of fans reaching us in so many different ways, the only method to truly get to this level of knowledge is through powerful analytics software provided by SAS. has seen great success by applying SAS analytics to both direct mail and email marketing campaigns."

“The business landscape for sports has become dramatically more competitive in recent years,” said Eric Bechtel, Managing Director of Rule 1.02 Marketing LLC. “Putting data to strategic use will separate the teams and organizations that are looking to grow revenue from their peers in a competitive environment. With world-class analytics and a 34-year track record, SAS is bringing game-changing solutions to sports with immediate impact.”

”The Carolina Hurricanes are looking beyond filling seats. SAS helps us deliver analytically infused offers that earn loyalty from season ticket holders, promotional consumers and base-price consumers,” said Bill Nowicki, Hurricanes’ Director of Ticket Operations. “Now, we’re optimally pricing tickets and products, discounting promotional tickets to capture revenue opportunities while avoiding revenue dilution.”

SAS’ end-to-end capabilities address the most prominent challenges facing sports executives, including data quality, fan segmentation, campaign management, seat and resource forecasting, business reporting and financial management. These offerings based on the SAS Business Analytics Framework and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive consulting, training and support services ensure maximum return from IT investments.


SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative solutions delivered within an integrated framework, SAS helps customers at more than 45,000 sites improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster. Since 1976 SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW® .

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