BI Congress 3 in Orlando, FL, Dec. 15 and 16, 2012

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June 15, 2012 -- Join us at the Pre-ICIS BI Congress 3 in Orlando, FL on December 15 and 16, 2012 as we innovate through big data analytics. Thank you to our Platinum Sponsors SAS and Teradata! As evidenced by the tremendous successes of the 2009 BI Congress with 76 registrants and of the 2010 BI Congress with over 100 registrants, bridging SIGDSS, TUN and related organizations has wonderful benefits. Together, the groups are able to make significant impacts on academic DSS/BI teaching and research through the BI Congress.

BI Congress I did an excellent job of identifying the current and desired state of BI research and teaching. BI Congress II leveraged the ICIS conference theme of “IT: Gateway to the Future” to encourage a focus on the Future of DSS/BI and advance the next generation of BI/DW research and teaching.BI Congress III will be held prior to the ICIS 2012 conference in Orlando, FL, as a SIGDSS/TUN pre-ICIS research workshop. BI Congress III will engage both academia and practice, and support efforts in the areas of DSS/BI research and teaching. The theme of the Congress III is "Driving Innovation through Big Data Analytics" with a goal of encouraging analytics as an innovation engine for organizations.

The 2012 Business Intelligence Congress 3 will bring together academic professionals and industry representatives who share a common passion for research and education innovation in the field of analytics. In the spirit of open innovation - learn from, contribute your knowledge to, and brainstorm with the key industry and academic movers and shakers!

Our 2012 program will be dedicated to Dr. Paul Gray. We are grateful for his decades of contributions to the decision support field, including his founding leadership of SIGDSS and his recent executive leadership of the Teradata Univeristy Network.

You may register for the BI Congress through ICIS registration. If you have any problems when registering, please contact or We suggest that you use this BI Congress website for the latest and most accurate information about BI Congress happenings on December 15th and 16th - or join the "BI Congress" LinkedIn group.

Why should you attend the BI Congress?: The field needs your leadership. At the first two BI Congress events, academics and practitioners identified current gaps in analytics teaching and research. BI instruction is not meeting market demand, and numerous research directions remain unattended. The BI Congress 3 will continue the momentum to close these gaps by providing support for those who teach analytics and by facilitating constructive discussions around analytics research.


Track and Type: When submitting, you must make a decision on the track most relevant to your submission (Research or Teaching). If you feel your submission is suitable for more than one track, please submit it to only that track where you deem the submission would make the most important contribution.

Originality: Submissions to the BI Congress must not already have been published or accepted in a journal or conference proceedings, nor presented at another conference. Further, they must not be currently under consideration for publication or presentation elsewhere. Paper authors must agree to have their work published in the BI Congress proceedings and posted electronically to the Teradata University Network for distribution. A different final version of your paper must be submitted if it is accepted to a journal.

Proceedings: Accepted papers and materials will be published on the Teradata University Network website and in a bound hard copy of the proceedings.

Teaching Track Submissions:

Focus of the teaching track is on sharing material and pedagogical experiences in a workshop-like setting. Authors are encouraged to submit material related to DSS/BI/Analytics courses at introductory or advanced level that fits into the following categories:

• Pedagogical materials include any kind of content that can be used for teaching DSS/BI/Analytics. They should be accompanied with a short description or teaching note that explains how to apply the materials, in sufficient detail to allow the reader to replicate it in the classroom. Pedagogical materials can include:

o Syllabus

o Class assignment or exam

o Class project

o An innovative approach to delivering DSS/BI/Analytics content

o Best practices in delivering DSS/BI/Analytics content

o Data sets that can be used by other faculty to augment their pedagogy

o Hands-on software experiences and software tutorials

o Creative applications of Teradata University Network resources

• Teaching case studies that can be used to enhance student learning about specific concepts/topics such as illustrating an organizational application and lessons learned. Teaching cases should provide rich stories of individual organizations' management and technological initiatives, illustrating a specific message of interest to DSS/BI/Analytics instructors. These papers will not only tell the story, but also provide analyses of the events and their outcomes. A teaching case should be accompanied by a brief (e.g., one page) teaching note.

Paper Formatting Guidelines:

Please use the ICIS submission guidelines to the best of your ability. Teaching Cases should follow the guidelines for ICIS teaching case submissions; Pedagogical materials can be adapted to meet the needs of the content.

Submission Process:

1. Prepare manuscript using ICIS paper formatting guidelines (as well as possible).

2. Email submissions to: Ozgur Turetken or Babita Gupta by September 1, 2012.

3. Receive notification via e-mail by October 1, 2012.

4. If accepted, make any final improvements and submit final paper by November 1, 2012.

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