Analytics-IQ launches industry's most accurate predictor of household economic profiles with "consumer financial intelligence"

New Econometric Marketing Suite Provides 360 Degree View of Consumers' Financial Situations

ATLANTA, Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Analytics-IQ, Inc. (AIQ) a leading provider of predictive solutions for the marketing industry, today launched its "Consumer Financial Intelligence" (CFI) suite of predictive econometric marketing tools, the most accurate indicator of financial status by household.

CFI is based on AIQ's proprietary database, which is six years in the making and consists of more than 1,500 demographic, psychographic, attitudinal and econometric attributes. The suite is the only solution that offers direct marketers a complete view of consumers' home value, total income, discretionary income, discretionary spending, wealth and liquid investments.

AIQ developed the CFI suite in response to market demand for more accurate tools that give a complete picture of a household's financial situation.

"We've conducted several benchmark tests that compared Consumer Financial Intelligence tools to our closest competitors, and the results have shown repeatedly that we provide the most accurate consumer financial predictors on the market," said Dave Kelly , CEO of Analytics-IQ. "With our deep analytical expertise applied to more than 100 sources of known data, we are able to provide actual dollar amounts instead of ranges, which results in much more effective financial predictors."

The CFI suite includes the following core econometric marketing tools:

  • Spendex identifies prospects with discretionary dollars to spend on non-necessary items such as entertainment, apparel, travel and dining out.
  • HomeValue-IQ uses extensive actual real estate data combined with econometric data and analytics to calculate home values at a granular level (where a value of 220 equates to a home value of $220K). This solution consistently outperforms competitive solutions when benchmarked against actual home value data.
  • Income-IQ utilizes known data – including AIQ's own HomeValue-IQ data – and combines it with analytics to deliver a highly accurate and effective income predictor.
  • Investor-IQ uses known asset data in combination with powerful analytics to predict each household's taxable (liquid) investments.
  • Wealth-IQ utilizes the most accurate measures for each asset class to create a value for total net worth for each US household.

"Our partners have compared our CFI data against all major competitive tools and we consistently outperform," said Anne Smith , SVP of Analytics-IQ. "We are winning because our data is more accurate and provides improved marketing performance for our clients."


Tools included in the CFI suite from AIQ are available immediately for direct marketers.  Marketing agencies and brands can learn more about each solution at and by calling 888-612-4309.

About Analytics-IQ

Founded in 2006, Analytics-IQ provides businesses with a fresh approach to marketing analytics and data. The company offers a full suite of custom analytical services, including response modeling and segmentation. Marketing solutions from Analytics-IQ are based on the company's proprietary segmentation tools and database that consists of 1,500+ demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, and econometric attributes.  

Analytics-IQ is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit

SOURCE Analytics-IQ, Inc.

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