Innovations in big data analytics for Healthcare

Frost & Sullivan | March 2017 | USD $4,950

LONDON, April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Health care analytics is growing in importance, fueled by health industry stakeholders’ thirst for information; the need to manage large, diverse data sets; increased competition; growing regulatory complexity; and innovations ranging from precision medicine to value-based care to population health management. Today, robust and meaningful analytics hold the potential power to transform a health care organization, unlock new sources of value and differentiate it from competitors. How can leaders take advantage? This is a study on Big Data applications in managing healthcare data effectively to improve patient outcomes .

Big Data Analytics (BDA) refers to a set of data management tools, applications, and techniques for effective analysis of big datasets so as to derive intelligence on business operations and customer interactions. BDA is capable of processing both structured and unstructured data from various sources.

This research provides a detailed understanding on how healthcare offers many opportunities where BDA could be applied to solve existing industry challenges, including coverage on identifying unmet needs, technology and application developments that enable innovations and drive market growth for care providers in the healthcare sector.

The advent of BDA in health care offers the promise of dramatically transforming healthcare activities by providing better health monitoring, personalized healthcare and better maintenance of Electronic Health Records (EHR) .

In brief, this research service provides the following:

- A brief overview of Big Data in healthcare sector.

- A snapshot on Drivers/Constraints.

- Brief overview on application of Big Data in health care innovations and research work.

- Technology convergence impacting health care.

- Disruptive opportunities and funding initiatives.

- Evaluating the technology road map and understanding key insights.

- Key patent and funding trends in Big Data.

Table of Contents

1. 1.0 Executive Summary

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Research Scope
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Key Findings

2. 2.0 Industry Overview and Market Trends
2.0 Industry Overview and Market Trends
2.1 Introduction to Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
2.2 BDA Will Enable Right Living, Right Innovation, Right Care
2.3 Role of Information Technology in Healthcare Value Chain
2.4 Market Drivers - Personalized Healthcare Services
2.5 Open Source Technologies Will Allow EHR/EMR Data To Manage More Efficiently
2.6 Market Restraints - Availability of Expertise
2.7 BDA Infrastructure Needs to Have Expensive Maintenance Periodically
2.8 Concepts Like Evidence-based Medicine and Outcome Improvement Have Been Well-accepted Around the World

3. 3.0 Key Applications for Big Data in Healthcare
3.0 Key Applications for Big Data in Healthcare
3.1 The Central Role of Big Data in Personalized Medicine
3.2 Applications: Taking off from Unmet Needs
3.3 Big Data Poised to Revolutionize Disease Diagnosis, Health Management
3.4 Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Translational Discovery
3.5 Big Data Can Quicken Drug Development and Aid Drug Repurposing
3.6 Big Data for Precise and Effective Drug Development
3.7 Big Data Will Drive Telemedicine and Continuous Patient Monitoring
3.8 Remote Patient Intelligence to Minimize Hospitalizations
3.9 Big Data Has the Potential to Lower Healthcare Costs and Improve Public Health Management
3.10 Building a Public Information Portal Using Healthcare Cloud

4. 4.0 Technology Convergence: Envision The Future in Healthcare
4.0 Technology Convergence: Envision The Future in Healthcare
4.1 Convergence of Big Data and Virtual Reality Will Accelerate Efficient Patient Care
4.2 Convergence of Big Data and Cloud Computing Will Enable Maintaining EHR Efficiently
4.3 Convergence of Big Data and Blockchain Will Enable Shared Ledger

5. 5.0 Patent Trends and Funding
5.0 Patent Trends and Funding
5.1 Key Patents in Big Data Healthcare - United States Patent and Trademark Office
5.2 Key Patents in Big Data Healthcare - China Patent and Trademark Office
5.3 Key Patents in Big Data Healthcare - World Intellectual Property Organization
5.4 BDA Will Help To analyze increasingly complex biological data sets

6. 6.0 Future Opportunities and Roadmap
6.0 Future Opportunities and Roadmap
6.1 BDA Would Help in Genomic Research and Precision Medicine in Effective Cancer Treatment

7. 7.0 Growth Opportunities
7.0 Growth Opportunities
7.1 Growth Opportunity : In Big Data Analytics
7.2 Strategic Imperatives for Stakeholders

8. 8.0 Companies to Action
8.0 Companies to Action
8.1 Artificial Intelligence-Based Predictive Tool for Healthcare —
9. 9.0 Analyst Insights

9.0 Analyst Insights
9.1 BDA will Help Automating Extraction of DNA and RNA Molecules From a Tissue Sample

10. 10.0 Key Contacts
10.0 Key Contacts
10.1 Key Contacts
10.1 Key Contacts (Continued)
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