Google Cloud Platform Free Tier

Learn and build on GCP for free.

The Google Cloud Platform Free Tier is your opportunity to learn and use GCP for free. It has two parts: a 12-month, $300 credit free trial and Always Free. The 12-month, $300 free trial allows you to use any GCP product. Always Free allows you to try participating products for free up to their non-expiring usage limits, making it easy for you to test and develop with these products.

If you are eligible, your free trial will start when you sign up for Google Cloud Platform. To sign up, sign in or create a Google Account. You will also need a credit card or bank account details so we can verify your identity. You will not be charged or billed during your free trial.

Who's eligible for the free trial?

The free trial is a one-time introduction to the platform for new customers. If you have never been a paying customer of Google Cloud Platform and have not previously signed up for the free trial, you are eligible. Business accounts are not eligible for the free trial.

What's included in the free trial?

You get $300 in credit to spend over a 12-month period on all Google Cloud Platform products. During the free trial, some products have limitations. See the list of limitations.

Note: Stackdriver offers a 30-day free trial, which is separate and independent from the GCP free trial. Signing up for one of these free trials does not sign you up for the other one.

How does the free trial work with Always Free?

You are eligible for Always Free usage amounts during the free trial period. Always Free usage does not count against your free trial credits.

For example, only the portion of your App Engine usage above the App Engine free daily usage limits is charged against your $300 credit. In addition, if your App Engine usage is below the free daily usage limits, your app will continue to run even after the free trial ends.

Can I use the $300 credit on other Google APIs?

You can use the $300 credits to call any paid Google APIs or for any Google Cloud Platform services.

What are the Terms of Service for the free trial?

The GCP free trial requires that you accept the Free Trial Terms of Service, as well as the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service.

What limitations does the free trial have?

Compute Engine limitations

During the free trial, the following limitations apply to your Compute Engine resources:

Your project can have no more than 8 cores (or virtual CPUs) running at the same time. To run more than 8 vCPUs at a time, you must upgrade your account.

Restricted actions

Some actions are prohibited during the free trial. For example, during your free trial you may not use Google Cloud Platform services to engage in mining cryptocurrency.

For additional restrictions, see the Free Trial Terms of Service agreement and the Terms of Service for Google Cloud Platform.

Is there a service level agreement (SLA) during the free trial?

Service level agreements do not apply during the free trial. Because this is a period to test and explore Google Cloud Platform, you should not run production applications on GCP during the free trial.

Do I pay anything for the free trial?

No, the trial is free and you will not be billed. When your trial ends, your account will be paused and you'll have the option to upgrade to a paid account. After signing up, you might notice a $0-1 transaction from Google, which is a pending authorization request between our billing system and the bank that issued your credit or debit card. Authorizations might be converted to local currency by your bank, and these transactions might appear as pending on your statement for up to a month. Please keep in mind they are authorization requests only, not actual charges. If you have questions, we recommend you contact your bank about the authorization status.


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