United Nations International Organization for Migration(IOM) agency deploys TAC-PAK videoconferencing systems for refugee camp support

Using TAC-PAK flyway videoconferencing kits, the IOM teams in Chad support 113,000 returning Chadian refugees fleeing Central African Republic(CAR) fighting

FORT COLLINS, Colo., Dec. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic(CAR) has received plenty of media attention in recent years. Since civil war broke out in CAR 115,000 Chad refugees have been displaced in the remote region, countless people have been killed and many more have been the victims of rape and other forms of abuse. The situation in Chad would be worse were it not for the tireless peacekeeping work of the United Nations International Organization for Migration(IOM) agency that is providing basic facilities such as temporary shelters, water and sanitation facilities, health centers, schools, children-friendly spaces, as well as vouchers for their food subsistence.

The IOM recognized the need for more communications resources in the remote communications sterile refugee camps and selected the 308 SYSTEMS TAC-PAK videoconferencing kits for deployment to multiple refugee sites. These "mobile command in a box" systems, manufactured by 308 Systems in Fort Collins, Colorado (, are custom-configured to meet specific IOM Chad mission field communication requirements.

"Life in transit and temporary sites is never easy. Rains make it even more difficult. The emergency response that we have provided cannot solve the problem. Management of sites must be improved," said IOM Chief of Mission in Chad, Sufi Qasim.

Following the massive influx from CAR into Chad, the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) on behalf of the Humanitarian Country Team decided to reactivate the Shelter/Camp Coordination Camp Management (CCCM) cluster that is led by UNHCR and co-led by IOM. The aim is to provide technical support for the management of both transit and temporary sites as well as to advocate for durable solutions for the displaced persons in the sites in the long run.

The IOM's TAC-PAK videoconferencing flyaway kit deployment addressed the shortfall of voice and data infrastructure and equipment experienced by the IOM teams on a daily basis in the remote refugee camps.

Deploying the TAC-PAK mobile command systems, the United Nations has been able to create a satellite and cellular communications based continent-wide wireless network that enables Shelter/CCCM cluster teams to coordinate, share information and request support. The TAC-PAK's have created an invaluable and fast communications infrastructure where there once was none.

About 308 Systems

For over 20 years 308 Systems ( has supplied governments around the world with a broad range of flyaway kit command and communication systems utilizing satcom/radio/cellular backhaul. This product lineup comes in a series of small man-portable and airline checkable packages. These systems are completely customizable to meet the deploying agency's unique needs. Products address mobile networking and mobile command needs, logistics tracking, etc and have been successfully deployed at major disasters worldwide. These technical capabilities are complemented by a focus upon technical excellence, quality products, and uncompromised integrity.


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