Data driven outcomes tool supports evidence-based approaches for services to individuals with developmental disabilities

Therap Services

WATERBURY, Conn., Dec. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Therap's Data Driven Outcomes (DDO) and Business Intelligence Dashboard tools formulate provider data and generate outcome reporting with simple, understandable visual reports and tables. These tools equip quality assurance teams, decision makers and oversight agencies with customized data that measure performance outcomes and state compliance requirements to drive quality outcomes.

DDO benefit agencies and providers by capturing evidence-based information from the point of service, providing evidence about an individual's care. Unlike projections or assumptions based upon past history, actual data collected from services and supports within EHR documentation is clear and concise, and tracked in real-time. This documentation can be distributed as data measuring overall service delivery and outcomes. Staff measure performance by leveraging measured outcomes to meet benchmarks, goals, state and federal mandates, and to make necessary adjustments. Quality Assurance officers can formulate appropriate resolutions and utilize the data to develop strategies for overcoming specific challenges. Agencies can also reinforce funding requests with data-driven outcomes, presenting evidence-based correlation between outcomes and funding requests. Providers can better position themselves and safeguard continued funding by demonstrating value-based service delivery backed by performance data demonstrating success.

As providers and agencies shift to value-based care, data collection and reporting becomes even more crucial. Healthcare outcomes are measured against the cost of healthcare delivery. Therap's tools support agencies and providers with the data to run smoothly, efficiently and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Therap's DDO and Business Intelligence tools enables providers and agencies to:

** Create customized measurement outcomes for individuals, assign metrics of success, and list completed steps or goals.

** Meet specific state regulation standards while providing agencies with the ability to apply essential outcomes customized to their needs.

** Aggregate and integrate reporting seamlessly with the Business Intelligence platform to display data visually through intuitive dashboards.

** Aggregate reports on outcomes and leverage this data to measure the effectiveness of the supports.

** Collaborate with Therap's person-centered planning tools, like the Individual Support Plan module, creating a complete collection of data referencing goals and outcomes.

** Track and access outcomes easily and visually using Therap's Business Intelligence Dashboard with charts, graphs and reports.

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