AlphaSense unveils notebook feature to capture strategic insights and facilitate knowledge sharing

NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AlphaSense, Inc., the leading AI-based search engine for market intelligence, today announced the launch of its newest capability, AlphaSense Notebook. Building on the platform's ability to surface critical information that drives strategic decision making, AlphaSense Notebook streamlines the research experience by enabling users to capture data points and take notes directly within research workflow. This integrated research experience drives efficiency and collaboration for our customers, allowing notes to be captured seamlessly during a research process, and shared with deep-linking back to source content to allow colleagues to see where each insight or key data point originated.

According to IDC, the struggle for organizations to leverage internal notes and documentation is costly: 40% of knowledge workers are not confident they can find a document they created a year ago within five minutes, after which they are likely to give up their search and start over. AlphaSense Notebook stores personal insights alongside the vast content within the platform to create a differentiated research experience that mitigates duplicative work for individuals and teams.

"AlphaSense Notebook is the latest feature to significantly improve our team's collaboration and research efficiency," said Breighan Boeskool, University of Notre Dame - Analytics Specialist. "Across our entire team, we're using it as a way to streamline note-taking. Thanks to AlphaSense's remarkable search capabilities, we are confident that by documenting our research and notes within the platform, we'll be able to effortlessly surface and leverage these insights well into the future."

By empowering users to take notes directly within the platform, AlphaSense Notebook eliminates the need for note transfer and consolidation later in the research process and significantly reduces the time and effort required from the initial search to the final report. Users can easily take notes as they read in the platform, with the ability to pull snippets into notes from any of the platform's 1000+ content sources and 100 million documents, such as broker research, SEC filings, news, journals and transcripts.

"At AlphaSense, we've made a commitment to deliver the most efficient and streamlined research experience possible to knowledge professionals at large organizations across industries, helping them execute their jobs and make well-informed, data-driven decisions with conviction," said Jack Kokko, CEO and cofounder of AlphaSense. "Notebook is one more way we unleash our clients' ability to collaborate on idea generation and innovation."

On the heels of its recent $50 million Series B funding round, AlphaSense continues to scale its platform to enhance the research experience for its 1000+ enterprise clients.

About AlphaSense

AlphaSense provides a revolutionary AI-based market intelligence search engine for investment firms and corporations. Our platform combines clients' internal content with the world's most valuable business and market information including broker research, call transcripts, company reports, news and trade journals. Seamlessly aggregating thousands of data sources, our groundbreaking semantic search engine captures variations in human language, accurately recognizing millions of business and financial terms and their synonyms, as well as companies, industries, topics and trends. Leveraging AlphaSense, corporations and financial firms make confident, quick decisions, enabling them to win in their markets. Used globally by many of the world's top financial and corporate firms, AlphaSense is headquartered in New York with offices in London, Helsinki, India, and across the US.

SOURCE AlphaSense

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