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09/20/2016 UC San Diego Extension and San Diego Supercomputer Center launch modern data science academy. Check release.

09/15/2016 International Privacy Association honors Protenus for innovation in health data analytics. Check release.

09/15/2016 MicroStrategy unveils MicroStrategy 10.5™. Check release.

09/14/2016 Clearbit launches Reveal: shines new light on anonymous web traffic. Check release.

09/14/2016 CIOs speak out on the real barriers and opportunities presented by the industrial internet. Check release.

09/14/2016 Finland and IBM partner to develop personalized healthcare and spark economic growth with Watson. Check release.

09/13/2016 Teradata's customer journey analytic solution creates behavioral insights to deliver a distinct customer experience. Check release.

09/08/2016 Big data and analytics: Telco strategies, investments and use cases. Check release.

09/07/2016 VoltDB and Teradata Listener deliver streaming data intelligence. Check release.

09/07/2016 Workiva expands data platform, powering one of the biggest, fastest spreadsheet applications in the Cloud. Check release.

09/07/2016 Survey: 8 in 10 Hospital leaders say predictive analytics is important to future yet only one-third use it. Check release.

09/07/2016 Synereo announces RChain - a Blockchain based technology stack, enabling decentralized online computation and storage. Check release.

08/30/2016 New research shows most retirement calculators are not tax efficient. Check release.

08/30/2016 Study shows it pays to be a digital leader. Check release.

08/26/2016 Reach Analytics hires new head of marketing to bring predictive power to consumer brands. Check release.

08/26/2016 BYOD explosion: How much of a threat do personal devices really pose to your network?. Check release.

08/25/2016 Colorado Springs Police Department purchased 500 automatic recording body cameras. Check release.

08/24/2016 BlockPay cryptocurrency payments company announces its ICO in association with OpenLedger. Check release.

08/24/2016 Teradata punches the value accelerator: pushes slow-moving IoT projects to the fast lane. Check release.

08/22/2016 Guardian Analytics® introduces solution to protect against fraud risk created by same day ACH. Check release.

08/19/2016 As Google kills off Hangouts, are they taking small business with them?. Check release.

08/18/2016 Experian identified as a leading player in the fraud detection and prevention space. Check release.

08/17/2016 Decision Resources Group launches intuitive new Insights Platform built by Ixxus. Check release.

08/17/2016 MicroStrategy launches Jump Start, free education program to kickstart MicroStrategy 10™ adoption. Check release.

08/16/2016 How to apply big data and analytics to the Oil and Gas Industry -- a Quorum Whitepaper. Check release.

08/16/2016 Tableau 10 delivers platform innovations that make analytics more powerful and engaging. Check release.

08/16/2016 Structured forms of data more valuable than unstructured, say business intelligence data analysts. Check release.

08/15/2016 ICG launches LUX v2.4: bringing more power to real-time analytics. Check release.

08/12/2016 IBM researchers use grocery scanner data to speed investigations during early foodborne illness outbreaks. Check release.

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