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DSS Types

Dennis wrote: 

Dear Dr. Power, I am wondering what are the types of DSS? From your 
site, I know two types, data-driven and model-driven. Are there other 
types of DSS or are the types actually created when a business really 
need them? Regards, Dennis

There are 5 generic types of DSS in terms of the dominant component of 
the Decision Support System. Also, I identify other types of DSS based 
on users, delivery and purpose. 

The five generic DSS are: 

* Communications-Driven DSS
* Data-Driven DSS
* Document-Driven DSS 
* Knowledge-Driven DSS
* Model-Driven DSS

Group DSS are a hybrid of Communications-Driven and Model-Driven DSS. 
In terms of users, there are Inter-Organizational and 
Intra-Organizational DSS. In terms of delivery, there are Web-Based, 
LAN-Based, and Mainframe-Based DSS. Finally, in terms of purpose, there 
are function specific, industry specific and general purpose DSS. 
Comments on this framework are welcomed.


DSS News Stories

05/10/2000 Win $1000 and other cool stuff ... High Performance Systems 
is offering two $1000 prizes for the best ithink and STELLA model 
submissions. They will select a winner in two categories: business and 
education. Check

05/08/2000 SAS Institute and Hewlett-Packard announced plans to apply 
SAS e-intelligence and data mining solutions and
technologies to support HP e-business and telecommunications 
applications, see Press Release.

05/02/2000 SPSS and e.Intelligence introduce Web-Based predictive 
Business Intelligence solution, see Press Release.

04/26/2000 Liquid Audio selects Brio Technology for Management and 
Distribution of Business Information Reports to Retail
and Label Customers. Liquid Audio's data reporting group uses 
information dashboard in Brio.Enterprise to automatically
generate HTML sales and traffic reports.

04/26/2000 Gentia Software (Nasdaq: GNTI) acquires ebi Solutions, LLC, 
creates new subsidiary thinkAnalytics Corporation,
to focus on the delivery of Customer Relationship Analytic applications.


What's New? at DSSResources.COM

     05/08/2000 Posted Power, D. J. " Web-Based and Model-Driven 
Decision Support Systems: Concepts and Issues". Prepared for AMCIS 2000, 
Americas Conference on Information Systems, Long Beach, California, 
August 10th - 13th, 2000, "Model-Driven and Web-Based Decision Support 
Systems" Mini Track. (URL

     05/07/2000 Redesigned layout, added DSS news and mailing list form 
to DSS home page.

     05/07/2000 Revised DSSResources.COM Site Search

     04/14/2000 Posted Web-Based DSS for Investment Decision-Making 
Tutorial on Tutorials page. 

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