Stanford Hospital and Clinics select InterSystems Ensemble integration platform

Rapid Integration and Development Major Criteria for Software Choice

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 14, 2006--InterSystems Corporation today announced that Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC) has chosen the Ensemble rapid integration platform to implement its long-term clinical information strategy.

The leading database provider in healthcare, InterSystems develops and markets the CACHE post-relational database and the Ensemble rapid integration platform. SHC is a university-owned nonprofit corporation known worldwide for advanced patient care, particularly for treatment of rare, complex disorders including cardiac care, cancer treatment, neurology, neurosurgery, obstetrics and organ transplants.

Enabling Visionary IT Strategy

"SHC is in the process of implementing an enterprise IT strategy for the next three to five years," according to Anita Brewer, SHC Director of IT Architecture and Innovation.

"Integration is a key component of this strategy, which is based on seamless communication among multiple applications and data repositories," Brewer continued. "We want to pursue a more services-oriented architecture than is currently in place so it's easier to extend our data, and we want to be able to exchange information and communicate much more efficiently and rapidly," she said. "These objectives drove our search for robust information exchange and integration software that will ease transition into the new environment while mitigating risk."

Rapid Integration, Visual Workflow

Ensemble's ability to support rapid integration and development in an environment that is extremely easy to use proved critical to fulfilling SHC's selection criteria. "Over a six-month period, we looked at multiple integration products and narrowed things down to those vendors who are integration industry leaders," Brewer said. "Ensemble provides exceptional capabilities for rapid integration and development. And, it's so visual and easily understandable that our team of IT architects could quickly perceive how it would work in each of our integration scenarios," she continued. "That ability to show how it would work in the real world combined with sophisticated functionality--we want to do a lot more than standard HL7 interfacing--were major factors underlying our decision to go with Ensemble."

In addition to enabling smooth integration among more than 300 applications, Brewer projected benefits from Ensemble that include increased staff productivity, improved Web utilization and business-to-business communication with external organizations. "This is a technology decision that is meant to enable long-term objectives as well as short-term goals...Ensemble is the right choice for our IT strategy."

"Ensemble has a successful track record in helping bring the IT visions of healthcare organizations worldwide to completion," said Trevor Matz, InterSystems Managing Director, Application Integration. "InterSystems welcomes the opportunity to work with SHC on this innovative, enterprise-scale integration initiative."

About InterSystems

For over 25 years, InterSystems Corporation has been a technology innovation leader in database and integration software. The CACHE post-relational database and Ensemble rapid integration platform enable software developers in every industry sector to rapidly create, deploy and integrate high-performance applications. With world headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, InterSystems has offices in 20 countries and provides support to customers in 88 countries.

InterSystems is a leader in integration technology and the world's #1 database provider in healthcare, with its products used by most major hospitals and labs, including America's 10 best hospitals as rated by U.S. News and World Report. For more information, visit

Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Stanford Hospital includes 594 licensed beds and offers general acute care services, and tertiary medical care for local, national and international patients who come from all over the world for treatment of complex disorders. Patients come to Stanford from all over the Western U.S. and the world, often for specialized procedures unavailable elsewhere.

Stanford Clinics, the group practice of most faculty physicians of Stanford University School of Medicine, includes nearly 700 full-time faculty physicians. Their areas of expertise range from primary care to the most advanced medical and surgical specialties.

More information is available at

Maureen Flaherty, 617-621-0600

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