ICMA and PERI announce the launch of the National Emergency Management Network

A Nationwide Network of Participating Communities for Local Emergency Response/Recovery Initiatives and Catastrophic Event Planning

SAN ANTONIO, TX, Sept. 11, 2006--ICMA's Annual Conference - On the 5th Anniversary of 09-11, and just one year after the most devastating natural disaster to affect our nation, Hurricane Katrina, ICMA, the premier local government leadership and management organization and the Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) announce the formation and availability of a National Network for community-focused emergency planning, response, and recovery initiatives.

The National Emergency Management Network (NEMN) is a community of local government entities that uses a unique combination of information resources, tools, and training to facilitate inter-agency collaboration, identify and share resources, and better prepare for local incidents and large-scale disasters. Local authorities benefit from the NEMN by forming regional and national relationships with other local governments and their business partners, and by utilizing a software system to visualize, share, deploy, and manage emergency response and recovery resources within their own communities, and with disaster-stricken areas.

NEMN membership includes a one-day leadership forum to assist policy and decision makers to be better prepared to help their staffs and communities respond to and recover from disasters. Each NEMN Member also receives a quarterly electronic newsletter, Mutual Aid, which promotes effective and efficient mutual aid between local and state governments, and provides articles, interviews, reviews of local, state and regional mutual aid policies, regulations, and practices. Mutual Aid also features information on the technologies and tools used to enhance the deployment and effective use of resources in emergencies. Additional educational and training resources are available based on the needs of the NEMN members.

The NEMN also features a member-supplied comprehensive database of people and physical assets available for emergency response and recovery efforts ("ResourceVision" from Emergency Visions) as well as an integrated geo-mapping and situational awareness tool ("GTVC" from the Georgia Tech Research Institute) to identify, activate, track, and coordinate response assets. The database is NIMS-compliant and includes a credentialing system, while the geo-mapping tool includes mission planning and full incident management functionality.

NEMN members believe the network approach makes sense. "In 2004 the City of Port Orange was hit by several hurricanes, including Charley, Francis, Jean, and Ivan. From these disasters, we learned that we needed to track internal and external resources, and that we relied heavily on our relationships with other communities, said Ken Parker, City Manager, City of Port Orange, FL. "In response, ICMA built a valuable solution to assist both local governments who were prepared to provide resources, and those cities and counties who needed resources."

"ICMA's vision for the NEMN is to create a disaster-assistance system that relies on a network of partnerships among local governments . The network is supported by a sophisticated database of human and material resources where assets could be identified and local government response teams could be certified, trained and deployed for all four phases of a disaster -- preparation, response, recovery and restoration," said Robert J. O'Neill Jr., Executive Director of ICMA. "The NEMN will facilitate changes in the intergovernmental system that will allow officials to cut through bureaucracies to get help into affected areas more quickly."

"PERI has been in a technology-leadership position for local governments for many years, and I am confident that the NEMN will provide tremendous value to communities who must now be prepared for catastrophic events as well as local emergencies," said Gerry Hoetmer, Executive Director of PERI. "Historically, the U.S. has tried to manage disasters with a 'command and control' approach. What is needed now is a dynamic and network-centered system that has the flexibility to move resources and assets where they need to be, when they need to be there."

Membership in the NEMN is available to public entities on an annual subscription basis, and includes the right to operate and utilize the software technologies that support the NEMN, and to access educational and training resources that help participant's policy makers develop effective emergency management programs. For more information, or to join the NEMN, please see, or call 866-460-NEMN (6366).

Now, more than ever, pre-crisis preparation, planning, and mutual aid are critical to insure a speedy and meaningful emergency response and recovery effort. With the NEMN, ICMA and PERI have created an economically sustainable service network that enhances the ability of local governments to plan for, and respond to, both local incidents and major disasters.

About ICMA

ICMA is the premier local government leadership and management organization. ICMA's mission is to create excellence in local governance by developing and fostering professional local government management worldwide. Toward this end, the Association provides an information clearinghouse, technical assistance, and training and professional development to more than 8,400 chief appointed administrators, assistant administrators, and other individuals throughout the world. The organization's resources and services reach thousands of local, county, and state government professionals, academics, consultants, citizens, and other individuals with an interest in effective management at the local government level. Check

About PERI

The Public Entity Risk Institute's mission is to serve public, private, and nonprofit organizations as a dynamic, forward thinking resource for the practical enhancement of risk management. With its growing array of programs and projects, along with its grant funding, PERI is focused on: (1) Supporting the development and delivery of education and training on all aspects of risk management for public, nonprofit and small business entities. (2) Serving as a resource center and clearinghouse for all areas of risk management. (3) Building a national database of loss information to help public officials improve the performance of their risk programs. (4) Developing comparative performance measurement and best practices. (5) Operating an innovative, forward-looking grants and research program in risk management, environmental impairment liability, and disaster management.. For more information, see

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