ProModel Corporationís simulation software used by the 2006 RIST prize winning Center for Army Analysis Army Forces Generation Modeling Simulation study team

ALLENTOWN, Pa., December 5, 2006 -- ProModel Corporation a leading enterprise simulation technology based, decision support company, provided the simulation selected and utilized by the award winning Center for Army Analysis AFGM (Army Force Generation Model) team. The AFGM simulation team won the 2006 RIST prize awarded annually by the Military Operations Research Society (MORS) for the best implemented study submitted in response to its call for entries.

At the 74th MORS Symposium, the David Rist Prize was presented to: LTC Steven Stoddard, LTC Mark Brantley, LTC Clark Heidelbaugh, LTC Paul Hurley, MAJ Robert Shearer, Joshua Klimas and Brett Marvin for their study entitled Army Force Generation Model Simulation (AFGM). The project was endorsed by LTG David F. Melcher, USA Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8, and Dr. Wm. Forrest Crain, Director Capabilities Integration Prioritization and Analysis.

The Center for Army Analysis selected ProModel as their simulation partner of choice for the following reasons:

* Analytical prowess in both the deterministic and stochastic arenas

* Modeling capabilities of complex interdependencies

* Model visualization for decision makers

* Visual validation of the modeled process

The Army continually examines its force structure and its ability to meet strategic requirements. Demand for forces is driven by national strategy, a force planning construct and on-going operations. Supply of forces is constrained by unit lifecycles (training, readiness, deployments, and recovery), transformation, AC and RC forces levels, and rotations. The Army developed the Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) concept to manage the supply of forces over a variety of demand scenarios. The Center for Army Analysis developed the Army Forces Generation Model (AFGM) Simulation study to model Army force structure options and policies within ARFORGEN and determine the appropriate size of the force. The Center for Army Analysis utilized ProModel Corporationís discrete-event simulation technology to construct their MARATHON model. MARATHON was developed to simulate the flow of active and reserve units through operational readiness cycles of 1 through 6 years at a very high level.

ProModel has an established presence in the U.S. Federal government as a provider of leading simulation technology and associated technical services. ProModel is developing the ARFORGEN Synchronization Tool for US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM). Under the terms of the FORSCOM contract, ProModel will provide technology and services to the Army over the next 5 years to develop this mission essential tool for the Army.

About ProModel Corporation:

ProModel, headquartered in Allentown, PA, is a leading simulation technology based, decision support company serving the U.S. Federal government and Fortune 500 companies. ProModel delivers enterprise decision modeling through integrated simulation solutions that help organizations Make Better Decisions Ė Faster.

For more information, visit

ProModel Corporation, Allentown
Geoff Coleman, 678-479-2065

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