Strategic Management Group releases next version of simulation platform, SimShop 5.0

PHILADELPHIA, PA, Aug. 5, 2004 -- Strategic Management Group, Inc. (SMG), the market leader in simulation products and services that accelerate time to value of corporate initiatives, announces the release of SimShop(R) 5.0, a new version of its patented simulation development and deployment platform.

SimShop(R) 5.0 offers users a "remote" capability to access SMG's simulations when they have limited connections to the Internet. Simulation developers can create a simulation once and then deploy it to users in many ways, e.g., via the Internet, downloaded onto desktops, or via CD.

"This is a major advance in simulation technology," said Jim Christino, CEO and Chairman of SMG. "Users will be able to access our simulations when they're in the office, when they're at home, on airplanes, in hotels, essentially wherever and whenever they can use their computers. So, for example, sales professionals can now get to our simulations, quickly, smoothly, and reliably. It significantly broadens the implementation possibilities that we can offer our clients, as well as the development possibilities for design teams."

Users who need to access SMG's simulations "remotely" will install the SimShop(R) Remote Simulation Player and then the individual simulation, either from a download site or a CD. The download installation has been designed to be relatively small with standard bandwidth.

SimShop(R) offers tremendous potential to leverage simulation's power to accelerate time to value of critical strategic initiatives. It was designed to develop and deliver sophisticated simulations fast, consistently, reliably, and efficiently; to exploit the Internet's capability; to support extensive customization and reuse of existing content; and to support a variety of technical delivery options. Its architecture is based on a set of components, including a flexible development tool, which allows SMG to enhance and upgrade easily and efficiently. The SimShop(R) technology and SMG's simulation design and delivery methodology are scalable across the enterprise.

About Strategic Management Group, Inc.

Strategic Management Group, Inc. is the leading provider of simulation products and services that accelerate time to value of corporate initiatives. SMG has deployed its simulation technology in over half of the Fortune 500 since 1981, with clients like GlaxoSmithKline, GE, IBM, Wyeth and Sprint.

SMG is aggressively bringing to the market the message of simulation to drive initiatives, specifically in the areas of Sales and Shareholder Value. Capitalizing on what Gartner analysts call "the next killer application," SMG is working with its clients and partners to leverage its third-generation SimShop(R) technology and tested development and deployment methodology.

Strategic Management Group, Inc.
Jan Shauer, 301-588-6962

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