Reportive unveils new rapid application development platform - Reportive V8

New Release Brings Huge Productivity and Agility gains to Corporations Building Custom Reporting, Analytics and SFE Applications.

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 21, 2007 -- Reportive, an innovative provider of fully integrated reporting, analytics and SFE (Sales Force Effectiveness) solutions for business users, today announced the launch of Reportive V8, the latest version of its flagship product designed especially for companies looking to quickly and easily build and deploy custom reporting, analytics and SFE applications.

Reportive V8 allows business users to develop these custom applications by using a components library and creating their own Composite Objects through an easy-to-use plug-and-play environment. Applications conceived with Reportive V8 are quickly tested and deployed. The types of applications developed with this new release include Incentive Compensation Management, Territory Alignment, Sales Call Plans, Sales Monitoring and Piloting, Marketing Programs Optimization, New Brand Launch and Market Research.

Business-User Centric

Legacy applications often impose the same level of functionality to all users, making them expensive to deploy. The Reportive V8 Scenario Player helps organizations quickly create a wide-ranging array of applications adapted to each information consumer's needs. The HTML interfaces are personalized, and their functionality tailored for each function and each user. By rendering the access to information more natural, business users can more easily and intelligently access the enterprise and market information they need, without relying on IT.

Reportive V8's innovative concepts, such as Composite Objects and Scenario Player finally give to non-technical business experts, throughout the Enterprise, the possibility to create their own reports, analytics and SFE applications. "Market studies have shown that 85% of the potential users within an organization do not use the BI solutions available in the market today, mainly because of their inherent complexity or lack of availability of internal IT resources," said Hubert Catanese, Reportive CEO. "Reportive V8 addresses this business user community, with a simple to use and rapid to deploy alternative. This constitutes a usage revolution, and will bring a real boost of productivity and competitiveness to the enterprises adopting it."

Ease of Use and Agility

One of the most innovative ways to empower business users in creating their own applications is to offer them the ability to remain at a business concept level throughout the entire development cycle, thus alleviating the need to focus on technical details that require lengthy IT interventions. Using high level Composite Objects from their customizable Reportive V8 library, users can now easily create or modify their applications through an intuitive drag and drop workflow. These Composite Objects can easily be added, reused for other projects and shared by multiple peers or applications, allowing enterprises to "create once -- for multiple uses."

Reportive V8 also simplifies more technical tasks by breaking up the development process into small elementary modules, each easier to understand and manage. Each step of a project, data extraction and integration, cleansing, key performance indicator building, reports design, and distribution is handled through process elements of the Reportive V8 library and represented in a simple data workflow managed by business users.

Enterprises can now quickly deploy custom applications entirely adapted to their market needs, while reducing their development costs and improving their agility and capacity to react to market changes. "Reportive V8 allows enterprises in a simpler and more agile way to produce reporting and SFE applications, and run them with the push of a button," says Dr. Martin Simon, Managing Director, IMS HEALTH. "Reportive has enabled us to realize substantial cost savings in building custom solutions and increase the efficiency and productivity for our own organization and its processes."

Enhanced Performance

Reportive V8 features a new analytics engine, new data compression technology and memory optimization techniques, dramatically improving its scalability and performance. Enterprises can now manipulate dramatically larger data volumes with improved processing speed, while reducing their disk space and CPU power dependencies. "Corporations need to better understand all of the factors influencing the performance of their products in the market place," continued Catanese. "For example, to keep their competitive edge most pharmaceutical companies can no longer analyze doctor prescribing information alone, they need to better understand patient longitudinal data as well. These factors increase the volume of data to treat by a factor of 100. The new V8 engine was designed with that purpose in mind."

Enhanced speed and fault tolerance, support for multiprocessor architectures and load balancing, also enable Reportive V8 to move massive amounts of information more efficiently, and deliver massively customized reports to hundreds of thousand of users.

Reportive V8 has endured a long and rigorous beta program. Reportive customers and partners have tested the product for seven months, insuring it meets the highest quality standards.

From BI to SFE

Reportive V8 represents an important milestone in helping enterprises integrate their BI (Business Intelligence) infrastructures with their SFE applications. The line between BI and SFE is blurring and Reportive V8 is the first platform to allow business users to transform data into information and also rapidly and easily build comprehensive SFE applications. These applications will finally transform information into actionable results that have a direct impact on the bottom line of the Enterprise.


Reportive V8 is available now.

About Reportive

Reportive produces an innovative Rapid Development Platform for Reporting, Analytics, Market Research and Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Applications. This platform, based on a Component Library, Composite Objects, and Workflow technologies has helped companies deploy solutions that improve business visibility and synchronize activities across the enterprise. Reportive is used today to optimize sales and marketing activities across several industries. It is already deployed at leading pharmaceutical organizations including Altana, Astellas, AstraZeneca, BMS, EISAI, GSK, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Serono, Schering-Plough, Sanofi-Aventis, Schwarz Pharma, UCB, and Wyeth, legendary Automobile companies such as BMW, Ford, PSA, Renault, Suzuki, and Volvo and well-known financial services firms such as ABN-AMRO, AGF, AMF, AXA, BFT, Cetelem, Credit Agricole, CPR, Dexia, DWS, Fortis Banque, Generali Assurances, Groupama, Ofivalmo, Societe Generale, and Zurich.

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