Plumtree unveils nine customer case studies; ROI ranges from 564% on one deployment to $4 Million on another

'No Empty Portals!' White Paper Shares Customer Insights for Building Sophisticated Business Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Aug. 24, 2004 -- Enterprise Web leader Plumtree Software (Nasdaq: PLUM) today published the second annual No Empty Portals white paper featuring nine case studies of high-impact business applications built using Plumtree's portal framework. The top applications detailed in the white paper were selected for customer ingenuity and business value, and include application profiles from customers such as Best Buy, the City of Calgary, Ford Motor Company, FTN Financial and Hy-Vee. The white paper shares how one Plumtree customer achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 564% on a set of expert location and collaboration applications, how another saved $4 million a year in communications costs with a dealer dashboard application. Reporting on the evolution of the portal market, the white paper also explores the business drivers behind the large numbers of applications now being built using portal frameworks. The public can download the paper at .

According to IT and investment analysts, companies are increasingly looking to build new business applications that draw on services from diverse systems often running on different platforms across the enterprise. Plumtree is uniquely positioned to help companies build these types of applications quickly and at low cost because of Plumtree's support for both .NET and JAVA technologies and integration with a wide range of applications and legacy systems.

The "No Empty Portals!" white paper released by Plumtree today highlights the most successful types of service-oriented applications currently deployed by Plumtree customers. These applications typically include data from packaged applications, legacy and homegrown systems alongside collaborative workspaces, project workflow and role-specific content. Examples of top applications include:

-- Expert location/knowledge management workspaces that combine both structured and unstructured data, discussion groups for common issues and suggested fixes, searchable tips repositories and workflow around problem resolution.

-- Sales support applications that combine real-time sales metrics with access to legacy and homegrown systems of record for products and services, product performance data, customer satisfaction records, marketing differentiators and up-sell ideas, and application views personalized by country, language, department, and brand.

-- Government-to-Citizen applications that centralize hundreds of different sites, systems and processes into a unified Web offering where non-IT employees can add content and create personalized communities, giving users their ability to collaborate with government officials on policy and project plans, conduct online transactions like permitting and class registration and view personalized calendars of government events.

-- Interactive research applications that combine anecdotal and quantitative data from diverse systems into with real-time evaluation and reporting tools, analytic research tools and performance calculators.

-- Employee services applications that combine career management information with job opening alerts, hiring workflow, resume document management, wage verification and profile updates that interact with homegrown and legacy systems, and real-time collaboration capabilities for communication with HR or health providers.

-- Retail store applications that combine product information from several different systems with performance metrics from reporting databases, process workflow, scheduling and messaging tools providing role-specific application views.

"Organizations today are discovering what our most innovative customers have already demonstrated that a portal framework is ideal for assembling people-centric, service-oriented applications. The most successful deployments we've seen combine diverse resources into targeted applications designed according to user needs rather than system functionality," said Plumtree CEO John Kunze. "Only Plumtree offers an integrated framework for administering and delivering applications alongside integrated services for collaboration, content management and search, radically lowering the cost of building targeted Web applications."

About Plumtree Software

Plumtree Software is the Enterprise Web leader. Plumtree's mission is to create a comprehensive Web environment for employees, customers and partners across the enterprise to interact with different systems and work together. Plumtree's Enterprise Web solution consists of integration products for bringing resources from traditional systems together on the Web, shared services such as collaboration, content management and search for building new Web applications, and a portal platform for delivering these Web applications to broad audiences. Plumtree's independence and its Web Services Architecture allow this solution to span rival platforms and systems, helping maximize customers' return on their existing technology investments. With offices in more than a dozen countries, Plumtree has licensed its products to over 640 customers, including Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble and the U.S. Navy. For more information, visit Plumtree on the Web at

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