Megaputer takes lead in data and text mining with PolyAnalyst 6

Bloomington, IN, January 17, 2008 –- Megaputer Intelligence announces the release of PolyAnalyst™ 6.0. The new version of the popular data and text mining system, redesigned from ground up, surpasses the limits of today's tools by providing a broad selection of analytic algorithms, high performance processing, enterprise level scalability, and intuitive user interface.

PolyAnalyst 6 integrates advanced data analysis and flexible reporting into a powerful and user friendly platform. New users are immediately capable of generating accurate models and reports through a simple drag-and-drop interface. The flowchart driven design enables users to easily create and reuse analytic scenarios covering the complete data analysis process from data loading, integration and manipulation, to text mining, OLAP, predictive modeling, and to report generation and scoring.

The client-server architecture facilitates powerful processing and collaboration in a secure environment. Scalable data storage and presentation mechanisms empower PolyAnalyst to handle hundreds of millions of data records. PolyAnalyst server allows users to schedule the execution of created analytic scenarios at given times and produce up-to-date reports on new batches of data. The condition-based email alerts ensure timely detection of critical issues and the notification of people in charge.

PolyAnalyst 6 significantly expands the selection of offered text mining and predictive modeling algorithms. The text mining capabilities comprise automated language identification, spelling correction, keyword and entity extraction, document classification and clustering, pattern detection and trends analysis. These capabilities make PolyAnalyst a good fit for the analysis of survey responses, call center transcripts, repair notes, safety reports, insurance claims, doctor notes, news feeds and academic publications.

Comprehensive predictive modeling and anomaly detection algorithms help PolyAnalyst 6 users better address numerous tasks ranging from database marketing and purchase recommendation to fraud detection and medical records analysis. The new system augments the existing family of tools with Bayesian Networks, Support Vector Machines, CHAID, R-Forest, Data Audit, and MediCop algorithms.

Efficient data scoring and exporting mechanisms ensure smooth integration of PolyAnalyst with process automation systems. A flexible reporting system facilitates the distribution of easy to comprehend summaries of results throughout the organization. Decision makers with no statistical or database background can derive insights from results of advanced data analysis delivered by PolyAnalyst in the form of visually appealing and interactive custom reports.

"We were carefully listening to customers and observing industry trends," says Richie Kasprzycki, COO, Megaputer Intelligence. "We lined up our most advanced technologies against a wish list of features for the ideal analytic system. Three years of research and development efforts toward the implementation of our vision gave birth to PolyAnalyst 6, a new leader in data and text mining. Now Megaputer is yet better equipped to help customers convert complex analytic challenges into valuable business opportunities."

About Megaputer Intelligence

Megaputer Intelligence ( is a leading developer of data and text mining software offering tools for predictive modeling and knowledge discovery in large volumes of structured data and text. Megaputer analytical tools enable over 500 customers worldwide to make informed data-driven decisions.

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