Greenplum rolls out world's first internet-scale database

Greenplum 3 pushes the boundaries of data warehouse size and performance; new features dramatically increase system versatility and scalability

San Mateo, CA, February 11, 2008 -- Greenplum, a leading provider of database software for business intelligence, today announced general availability of Greenplum 3 (G3), the latest version of the company's high-performance database software. Greenplum Database is the first open source-powered database software that can scale to support the demands of petabyte data warehousing, allowing organizations to analyze vast amounts of business data 10 to 100 times faster than with traditional data warehouse solutions at a fraction of the cost. New features introduced in G3 dramatically extend the versatility and scalability of Greenplum Database while offering major performance enhancements to enable many of the largest data warehouse implementations in the world.

New performance and scalability features in G3 include:

** Petabyte-Scale Loading: Load performance has long been a gating factor for large-scale data warehousing. Fully parallel loading now available with G3 enables the Greenplum database to load in excess of 3.5TB/hour, several times faster than any other competitive system.

** Embedded Analytics: G3 introduces native support for advanced parallel analytic functions, allowing very large and complex analytical operations to be executed in seconds.

** External Data Streams: With G3, scale extends beyond the confines of the traditional database. Support for external data streams enables customers to augment their databases with thousands of terabytes of external data, such as real-time stock market data, RSS feeds and even data from other internal data stores.

** Workload Optimization: G3 allows for easier and more efficient management of large and diverse user groups, ensuring that usage does not interfere with optimal system performance.

** CPU-Optimized Scans: Overall scan speed improvements in G3 support faster performance than ever before.

With G3, Greenplum also delivers certified interoperability with Business Objects, Cognos, IBM Data Stage, Informatica, MicroStrategy, Pentaho and SAS, making it easier to build systems that include today's most popular BI and data integration technologies.

"The business world is grappling with a data explosion that yesterday's database infrastructures were not designed to handle. With this in mind, we architected Greenplum Database to be the fastest, most scalable and most cost-effective BI database on the market so that companies can harness the power of all their data," said Scott Yara, president and co-founder of Greenplum. "With G3, we've taken software that was already a price/performance leader and made it even faster, more scalable and more versatile. G3 is truly the world's first 'Internet-scale' database - one that can the handle massive volumes of data being generated in today's information-driven society."

"The amount of data being generated in today's leading enterprises has quickly outpaced the capabilities of many database infrastructures," said Claudia Imhoff, Business Intelligence Network Expert and President of Intelligent Solutions. "Greenplum Database, which was designed specifically to thrive in large-scale data environments, is very well-positioned to serve this market."

In its most recent Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems report, Gartner Group placed Greenplum in the "Visionary" quadrant.

"Greenplum addresses the unprecedented data growth facing companies in nearly every industry and helps them turn an IT dilemma into a strategic opportunity," said Bill Cook, chief executive officer of Greenplum. "Instead of struggling with costly, outdated database technology or new appliance technology that can't scale, Greenplum customers are able to focus their resources on maximizing the value of their information assets, developing innovative data-centric business models and helping the company make better-informed decisions."

About Greenplum

Greenplum develops the world's fastest, most scalable database software for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Greenplum Database, the company's breakthrough database software product, enables companies to analyze terabytes of information faster and more cost effectively than traditional data warehouse solutions, allowing organizations to fully leverage their data to gain critical insights into the past, present and future and achieve and extend their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Greenplum Database also powers the Sun Data Warehouse Appliance, which integrates servers, storage and database to deliver industry leading performance, scalability, and cost of ownership. For more information about Greenplum, visit

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