MedcomSoft Clinical Data Repository offers access to Nation’s only homogeneous coding of all point-of-care clinical patient data

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ATLANTA, GA, February 25, 2008 -- With increased market need for discreet clinical patient data to power Rx clinical trials as well as health plan requirements to drive improved health care outcomes, MedcomSoft Inc. (TSX:MSF), points to the uptake in EHR adoption and the availability of the MedcomSoft Clinical Data Repository (MCDR). MedcomSoft Record not only creates and collects 100 percent discreet clinical data, but it can also aggregate such data on a community level with a 100 percent homogeneous coding system using an industry standard clinical vocabulary (Medcin®) which is automatically cross-mapped to all other leading industry standard code sets such as SNOMED, LOINC, CPT, ICD and NDC.

“The key benefit of MCDR is its ability to empower health plans with highly granulated data that enables them to truly manage individual care as well as to address large-scale total population challenges,” says Sami Aita, MD, CEO of MedcomSoft. “The aggregated data can also be utilized for clinical trials, arming trial sponsors with information that enables them to identify and recruit appropriate candidates for trial participation.”

This unique data set enhances risk identification and allows for early intervention. As a result, plans can introduce patient behavior modification, wellness and prevention programs, improve access to affordable health care delivery by driving out redundancy and unnecessary procedures, and enhance the identification of best practices in care delivery.

“Very few systems, even the most modern or largest in the industry, provide real-time, usable, clinical information that can automatically feed clinical decision support systems based upon care guidelines,” says Dr. Aita. “Record exemplifies such a system.”

Additionally, Record serves physicians with decision support and immediate access to a patient’s history of disease. This allows for appropriate care management and holds true on a larger scale with managed care payers which need to track a population’s health trends.

MedcomSoft Record, widely deployed in a market and properly integrated within the MedcomSoft Clinical Data Repository, enables “intelligent” health insurance coverage. Plans can be tailored and adjusted based upon the actual condition of the population at a given time. In a population that has a higher incidence of a disease, Record will show the causes of the disease in that population, enabling plans to determine prevention rules or methods that will help to lower the incidence in that defined group.

“Plans can be adjusted based upon all of the demographics and the health of a specific population: geography, race, age, gender, or any combination of risk factors, allowing for better management of the dollars that are earmarked for the healthcare of that population,” says Dr. Aita. “By researching the management of specific diseases, plans will be able to determine whether the outcome is related to co-morbidity or to other socioeconomic factors such as income or education.”

MedcomSoft believes that this real time, bi-directional data sharing will ultimately eliminate waste in healthcare delivery today, while improving the overall health of a population.

“We can expect to reduce the cost of chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease by mining this data and actually preventing or halting the onset of the condition,” Dr. Aita says.

About MedcomSoft Inc.:

Founded in 1994, MedcomSoft Inc. develops cutting-edge software solutions for the healthcare industry. MedcomSoft has pioneered the use of numerically codified point-of-care clinical terminologies to create a new generation of highly interoperable EHRs, which significantly enhance disease surveillance and accelerate clinical research. MedcomSoft award-winning software applications include Electronic Health Records, physician order entry systems with e-prescribing, document management, practice management and clinical data search, data mining and disease surveillance systems.

MedcomSoft is the recipient of the “Best of KLAS” award in 2007 year-end report in the Ambulatory EMR 1-5 Physicians category. In addition a MedcomSoft practice was recently awarded the prestigious 2007 HIMSS Davies Award.

This news release contains forward-looking statements regarding MedcomSoft’s expectations and beliefs with respect to future events and/or financial performance. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause the actual events or results to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such forward-looking statements. The reader is referred to the documents that the Company files from time to time with applicable Canadian securities and regulatory authorities for a discussion on certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ from those projected, anticipated or implied. MedcomSoft does not undertake to update forward-looking statements

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