Middlesex Professional Services Physicians improve clinical workflow and quality of care using DocSite’s Registry with decision support

Outcomes Exceeded Performance Goals 93% of Time, Physician Reimbursement Up $6,000

Raleigh, NC -- February 29, 2008 -- DocSite® (, a leading provider of Web-based patient registries and point-of-care decision support to the healthcare market, today announced that Middlesex Professional Services, Inc. (MPS), an independent physician association in Middletown, Connecticut, successfully used DocSite’s Registry with Decision Support™ ( to improve patient outcomes and enhance physician reimbursement for delivering quality care under a pay-for-performance program. Notably, MPS did not use electronic medical record technology at all, preferring instead to rely on the guideline-based decision support standards built into the DocSite Registry to guide treatment at the point-of-care. DocSite organizes relevant clinical information from the patient record and highlights elements that are out of range or activities/procedures that are due into a single graphical view. In so doing, the DocSite Registry speeds clinical workflow by offering physicians a simple means to address and update key patient information.

In 2006, MPS primary care physicians in eight separate practices implemented DocSite’s Web-based registry and point-of-care decision support tools and used them with patients enrolled in the Anthem Quality Insights (AQI) Primary Care Physician Quality Incentive Program. AQI, which is sponsored by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, focuses on preventing disease and disability, helping patients achieve their personal health goals, improving the quality and affordability of health care and using technology to achieve these goals. MPS physicians met or exceeded AQI baseline process and outcomes measures 100% of the time (98 of 98) and exceeded or met goal process and outcomes measures 93% of the time (91 of 98). In addition, each participating MPS physician reported increases in their annual income ranging from $6,000 to $10,000.

Douglas Arnold, executive director, MPS, says, “DocSite is an inexpensive, easy-to-use means of presenting guideline-driven clinical data at the point-of-care where they can help our physicians the most. MPS centralizes data entry, ensuring our physicians and staff can focus on their patients without additional administrative burden. Equally important, MPS physicians made a minimal investment in technology to achieve these results and suffered few disruptions in their practice workflow. Conservatively speaking, MPS physicians achieved a return on investment exceeding 700% in just the first year.”

DocSite CEO and founder John Haughton, MD, MS, says, “MPS’ experience proves the validity of the philosophy behind DocSite: Effective, easy-to-use tools can save time and enhance the quality of patient care without disrupting the physician-patient relationship. DocSite allows physicians to adopt health technology in a rational, benefits-driven manner, offering immediate clinical value in the treatment room with or without a computer. Moreover, technology—along with the patient clinical and population performance data it creates as a byproduct—speeds clinical care while giving physicians a tangible means to demonstrate increased quality of care and benefit financially from pay-for-performance programs. We find that a positive experience with DocSite’s Registry with Decision Support is just the beginning for physicians. Most go on to incorporate other DocSite tools into their practice.”

About Middlesex Professional Services, Inc.

Middlesex Professional Services, Inc., located in Middletown, Connecticut, is one of the state’s largest multi-specialty independent physician associations. MPS has nearly 300 physician members, including primary care and medical and surgical specialists as well as hospital-based physicians. All are dedicated to providing exceptional care to residents throughout Connecticut.

About DocSite, LLC

DocSite ( is a clinical integration, connectivity and point-of-care technology company offering a portfolio of modular, upgradeable, Web-based tools that immediately improve the quality of care and save clinicians time. DocSite solutions give practitioners affordable, easy-to-use tools tied to evidence-based guidelines that reduce practice variation, enhance communication and support patient self-care initiatives. Thousands of physicians across the nation have already embraced DocSite products as the solution of choice for over 3 million patients. DocSite is endorsed by the Texas Medical Association and has been highlighted as a leader in chronic disease management systems/registries by the Physicians’ Foundation for Health Systems Excellence. The firm works in partnership with independent practice associations, groups, health plans, hospitals and individual physicians to offer point-of-care, outcomes tracking, population warehouse and informed decision-making tools.

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