illuminate Solutions begins selling its database engine and tool suite in North America on April 14, 2008

illuminate Solutions will prove that CDBMS data warehouses require no pre-design, are fast to build and a fraction of the size of other complex analytics information management infrastructures

SAN DIEGO, Mar. 17, 2008 —-illuminate Solutions (, pioneer of the correlation database management system (CDBMS) technology for building data-driven data warehouses, data marts and analytics applications, today announced that it will begin selling its database engine and tool suite in North America on April 14, 2008. It also announced an initiative to build—at no cost to participants—a data warehouse for up to 10 Teradata, Netezza, NeoView or other large analytics customers, using all the same data sources that feed each one’s existing warehouse. The announcement was made at the DAMA International Symposium & Wilshire Meta-data Conference, which is taking place March 16-20 in San Diego, Calif.

illuminate appears on the Gartner BI Summit 2008 Hot List, which is the list of 10 companies Gartner encourages people to follow in the coming year. Highlighted at the Summit was the ability of the company's CDBMS to create data-driven schemas on the fly, while loading raw source data. illuminate also shared information on its unique value-based storage (VBS) model. This model requires that data values be stored only once in a 100 percent indexed database, which is the basis for its exceptional performance, flexibility and compact size.

In a special “New Technology” presentation arranged for the more than 1,000 DAMA conference attendees at 3:15 p.m. on March 18, illuminate's chief architect Joseph Foley will explain what a CDBMS is, and why it eliminates the traditional trade-off between speed and flexibility that plagues data warehouses, data marts and analytics applications in general.

The Super-Size Proof of Concept

illuminate is prepared to build data warehouses for up to 10 Teradata, Netezza, NeoView or other large, well-designed and optimized information management infrastructures. The goal is to prove that a CDBMS warehouse does not need pre-design, is fast-to-build and is a fraction of the size of their existing systems.

Proof of Concept Details

* illuminate will build DWs for up to 10 organizations

* Organizations must have complex analytics data storage systems

* Includes using all the same raw data sources

* No charge, no commitment to purchase

Proof of Concept Results

* Demonstrate fast data warehouse build—fully functional duplicate of entire database

* Demonstrate correct functionality—all data is loaded and is selected accurately

* Demonstrate flexible access—experience the added value of the VBS technology

"There’s so much hype out there that it's impossible for people to figure out what's real," said Kirsten Chapman, illuminate vice president of global marketing and alliances. "Everybody's trying to solve the speed/flexibility problem for users, but they're all focused on better, faster, cheaper ways to do fast queries. Users want answers fast, not fast queries. And they don't always know in advance what they want to know. Our technology eliminates the need to pre-design a warehouse or to reprogram and reload the data when someone wants something new. The only way to really prove that what we do isn't magic is to prove it in a bold way."

Companies interested in participating should contact illuminate’s North American office in Minneapolis, Minn. at +1.952.820.4477.

Software Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the iLuminate CDBMS engine is calculated by the number of records loaded (per million) and begins under $45,000 with additional concurrent user licenses.

Pricing for the illuminate data access tool suite:

iCorrelate, exploration tool—$25,000 per seat; iAnalyze, light analytics, dashboards and mapping—$1,500 per seat; and iLuminate SDK, for custom analytics applications development—no charge The first-year cost of an average configuration, including installation, is approximately $295,000. All licenses carry a 20 percent annual maintenance fee based on then-current list price.

Availability for the software in North America begins April 14, 2008. Customers in North and South America can buy illuminate's software exclusively through IT consulting services firms and management consulting companies. In Europe, the software is sold direct, as well as through a partner network. The company has seven customers in Latin America and 33 customers in Europe.

About illuminate Solutions, S.L.

illuminate Solutions, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, is the pioneer of the correlation DBMS (CDBMS) for building data-driven data warehouses. The CDBMS is a radical departure from how information management infrastructures are built and accessed. By automatically creating a data-driven schema during the raw data loading process, the need for pre-design is virtually eliminated. A CDBMS data warehouse is a fraction of the size of others due to its unique value-based storage™ (VBS) model, which indexes 100 percent of the raw data on-the-fly during the loading process and stores each unique data value only once. A CDBMS eliminates the trade-off between performance and flexibility that so often frustrates IT and business users alike, and dramatically lowers the time/cost of data warehouse deployment and management.

illiminate’s products include iLuminate, its CDBMS engine, and a full tool suite for accessing the data warehouse: iCorrelate, for exploration; and iAnalyze, for light analytics, dashboards and geographic mapping. The company also offers the iLuminate SDK to qualified customers free of charge.

illuminate sells its products exclusively through IT consulting services firms and management consulting companies in the Americas. In Europe, its products are sold direct and through a partner network. European customers include BBVA, Bon Preu Group, ZURICH, infojobs and RORI among others.

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Value-based Storage, iLuminate, iLuminate SDK, iCorrelate and iAnalyse and are all trademarks of illuminate Solutions, S.L. All other trademarks are owned by their respective companies.

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