DATAllegro offers node-for-node trade-in to Teradata users

Aliso Viejo, CA, March 18, 2008 -— DATAllegro, supplier of the most advanced data warehouse appliance on an enterprise-class platform, today announced that Teradata users can trade in up to four nodes of a Teradata system and receive up to four nodes of a DATAllegro TM data warehouse appliance at no cost.

“Many companies using Teradata struggle with the decision of whether to upgrade their systems, which is very expensive, or to migrate to a new, less expensive technology,” said Stuart Frost, CEO of DATAllegro. “DATAllegro’s “Trade in Your Teradata” program allows them to get up to four nodes of a much higher performing system for free, so they have very little risk and very much to gain. We put the program together to show our confidence in our technology and believe that through it we are able to help companies get a better performing data warehouse at a lower cost.”

DATAllegro data warehouse appliances leverage a non-proprietary platform using EMC® storage and Dell™ servers. DATAllegro appliances are a fraction of the cost of Teradata starting at less than $25,000 per terabyte and offering performance that is up to 50x better. Teradata customers can also use this offer to take advantage of DATAllegro’s grid-enabled data warehouse appliances. DATAllegro’s grid technology allows companies more flexibility in building a data warehouse solution that fits the needs of both the overall business and individual business units by facilitating multi-appliance architectures such as hub-and-spoke and multi-temperature.

DATAllegro recently announced a new suite of utilities that allows companies to easily move data to and from Teradata data warehouses and to migrate applications from Teradata to DATAllegro. The utilities are included with implementation packages supplied by DATAllegro, as well as a variety of DATAllegro partners, and are already being used at a number of DATAllegro customer sites.

DATAllegro will offer the node-to-node trade-in through June 30, 2008, with some restrictions applying. More information can be obtained by contacting DATAllegro at 877.499.3282 or visiting


DATAllegro offers the most advanced data warehouse appliance on an enterprise-class platform. By combining DATAllegro’s patent-pending software with the industry’s leading hardware, storage and database technologies, DATAllegro has taken data warehouse performance and innovation to the next level. DATAllegro v3™ goes beyond the low cost and high performance of first generation data warehouse appliances and adds the flexibility and scalability that only an open platform can offer. The result is a complete data warehouse appliance that enables companies with large volumes of data to increase their business intelligence.

Whether you have a few terabytes of user data or hundreds, DATAllegro’s data warehouse appliances deliver a fast, flexible and affordable solution that allows a company’s data to grow at the pace of its business. Based in Aliso Viejo, California, DATAllegro has offices throughout the US as well as in Europe. For more information on DATAllegro go to

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