LucidEra’s on-demand sales analytics allow Phone Works to track pipeline progression throughout the sales cycle

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 2, 2008 –- LucidEra, the leading provider of simple-to-set-up and simple-to-use business analytics-as-a-service for sales, operations, and finance managers, today announced that Phone Works has implemented and is using LucidEra’s leading on-demand sales analytics solution to increase sales productivity. Phone Works is a professional services company focused on creating predictable, measurable inside sales processes that maximize productivity of high technology companies with complex B2B sales models. LucidEra was chosen to access and analyze current and historical CRM data and give management the ability to quickly spot trends in the sales pipeline and accurately forecast constantly changing sales information. In addition to selecting LucidEra to deliver dynamic reporting and analysis on their own internal transactional data, Phone Works and LucidEra also announced a partnership focused on enabling high-tech companies the ability to build predictable, repeatable and scalable inside sales organizations.

“Before using LucidEra, we struggled with a fairly static view of our sales pipeline, which meant limited visibility and limited ability to find ways to improve our sales productivity. Now we are able to easily see how opportunities are progressing at every stage of the sales cycle and how this compares to previous quarters,” said Sally Duby, president and chief operating officer of Phone Works. “In a competitive and increasingly challenging economic climate, increasing sales productivity is the key to growth and survival. LucidEra has given us insight into our internal sales process in a simple way that avoids the prohibitive cost, complex deployment cycle, and extensive data warehousing effort that a traditional approach to business intelligence would have required.”

A simple to use interface and best practice analytic templates, as well as the ability to quickly identify and eliminate duplicate data, were key selection criteria when Phone Works was choosing an analytics solution to complement and extend their internal use of As a result of using LucidEra’s on-demand sales analytics, Phone Works has already been able to establish and track critical sales metrics, such as average deal size and average days to close as well as being able to turn back the clock to analyze historical sales performance trends.

“It’s challenging for many companies to identify where to begin when it comes to improving the health of their sales pipeline, and they end up building inaccurate forecasts based on speculation and gut-feel,” said Ken Rudin, chief executive officer of LucidEra. “There is a direct correlation between the success of sales teams that drive a company’s financial growth and the analytics which are provided to them. It’s time for sales execs and sales operations managers to step-up and take responsibility for putting the right solutions in place to reduce risk in their pipeline, improve the productivity of their sales team, and increase the effectiveness of their sales process.”

Building a Better Inside Sales Team

Many high-technology sales organizations still measure the success of their sales teams solely based on monthly or quarterly revenue. This is a historical indicator, which means that by the time the revenue numbers are known, it’s too late to do anything to improve them. To address this widespread problem, LucidEra and Phone Works today also announced a partnership focused on helping sales managers in high technology companies deliver the forward-looking key performance indicators (KPIs) and trending analysis they need to build predictable, repeatable, scalable sales organizations.

About Phone Works

Phone Works, a professional services company, has helped over 250 clients design and implement successful sales strategies by building new inside sales teams or optimizing existing inside sales groups. Leveraging the real-world experiences of winning sales organizations, we identify the best-fit strategy for you, and create predictable, measurable sales processes that maximize productivity, accelerate results and increase revenues for technology companies and companies with complex B2B sales models. Visit or call (510) 749.9073.

About LucidEra

LucidEra is breaking down the traditional barriers to business intelligence adoption by delivering business analytics as an on-demand service. LucidEra customers are no longer flying blind when it comes to pipeline visibility and achieving new levels of sales success thanks to dynamic reporting and analysis that is simple to set up, simple to use, and simple to buy. No more excuses. No more surprises. Know more with LucidEra. Visit or call 1-866-392-8008.

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