First ever numerical search technology for business information users

ChartSearch Announces “Insight Productivity” Initiative Using a New Search Engine Paradigm for Charting and Analysis of Statistical and Numerical Data

NEW YORK, NY, April 8, 2008 —- Chris Modzelewski, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, announced today that ChartSearch Intranet has been launched providing a new paradigm in enterprise search and data analysis. Focused on changing the way the business and technology community researches and uses statistical and numerical data, ChartSearch Intranet offers a unique “insight productivity” solution, that empowers business professionals with a natural language, numerical search capability. By extending this user-friendly search interface to include numerical search, ChartSearch enables information users to harness the power of enterprise search and real-time business intelligence capabilities, within a single business market research platform.

When deployed within client facing departments, ChartSearch Intranet allows marketing and sales professionals to query, retrieve and analyze data in real-time search situations. This ad hoc data query and analysis capability extends enterprise search and eliminates the need for involving business data specialists, who would customarily be called upon to research and create a unique report highlighting client-specific data requests. The ChartSearch Intranet platform also generates context centric data visualization views of the searched numerical data, so that analysis and presentation of this information is intuitive for the user as well as clients and collaborators.

“We have created an insight productivity tool for the business community” says Chris Modzelewski. “Our technology’s search paradigm enables us to make complex data widely accessible throughout the organization through high usability and lower training costs than traditional data analysis solutions.”


Chris Modzelewski, Founder and Chief Executive Officer has 10 years of experience in the media research industry. He was the founder and until recently, the majority shareholder of Gemius S.A. He oversaw the business’s growth from bootstrapping startup to becoming a multinational pan-European leader, with over 95% market share across 17 European countries. Robert Fragola serves as Vice President of Sales Marketing at ChartSearch and brings 20 years of experience in the commercialization of a variety of enabling technologies including voice recognition systems, wireless data communications networks, business data visualization solutions and Artificial Intelligence-based predictive modeling, entity matching and data quality systems.


ChartSearch is an enterprise technology company helping clients maximize their “insight productivity” through the use of a numerical search engine and real-time business intelligence platform. The company is commercializing a suite of enterprise software built around a common architecture for searching and analyzing statistical and numerical data. ChartSearch’s patent-pending suite of data search technology begins with a platform-neutral enterprise search engine, which enables clients to use natural language queries to instantly search and find statistical/numerical data, extract it on-demand and automatically visualize it in a readily accessible form.Headquartered in West Orange, NJ, ChartSearch has operations in North America and Europe. For more information:

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