TicTacDo is the first service to combine ready-to-use checklists with collaborative features

NEW YORK, Nov. 18, 2009 -- KonoLive announced today the launch of the TicTacDo social productivity service at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York. TicTacDo is available today as a free Beta version at

A TicTacDo is a ready-to-use actionable checklist that streamlines every-day activities - for fun, at home, or in the workplace. Powered by KonoLive, the TicTacDo service takes care of the planning, enabling you to take action, engage peers instantly, set due dates, outsource to-do's, share comments, and much more. TicTacDo addresses the every-day challenges of 'how do I do this?' and 'who can help me?'

"With everyone trying to figure out how to get more done in less time, TicTacDo's provide a trust system for personal productivity in a naturally social environment," said Yossi Dan, CEO and Co-founder of 2Win-Solutions, the creator of KonoLive. "In fact, we believe that 'doing more' just isn't good enough anymore - 'doing better' is the real challenge that TicTacDo's address in a fresh new and social approach."

The TicTacDo service enables anyone to use or create checklists of Action Items for a given activity. This checklist is then linked to friends, colleagues, experts, service providers, and other individuals, who can all collaborate to get things done together.

The TicTacDo marketplace currently has over 10,000 ready-to-use TicTacDo's in all the major personal and professional categories of day-to-day activities. T.E.N., the TicTacDo Experts Network delivers to the community TicTacDo's written by experts in their field. Currently you can find on T.E.N. Eben Pagan, Christophe Poizat, Opher Brayer and the list is constantly growing.

Embracing the principles of the open web, we are adopting the Creative Commons copyright as our default TicTacDo license. That way, it is easy to share, remix, and use TicTacDo's. Check now TicTacDo, The Social Way for Personal Productivity.

About KonoLive

2Win-Solutions, the creator of KonoLive, develops Instant Collaboration software that empowers people dealing with personal and business productivity issues on a daily basis. As the world gets more complicated, the real challenge is no just to get more things done, but to get things done better. When the element of group sharing or team collaboration comes into play, the level of complexity can sometimes skyrocket out of control. The KonoLive personal and business software offerings solve this growing concern with intuitive, easy, and fun software that lets everyone enjoy Getting Things Done - Together!

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