Janya launches Semantex™4.5 text analytics platform

Powering E-Discovery and Information Integration Solutions

Amherst, NY, November 19, 2009 -- Janya, Inc. (, a leading innovator in text analytics solutions, today launched Semantex™4.5, the latest version of its advanced text analytics platform. Key new features include: enhanced processing capabilities for Web 2.0 applications like chat, blogs, email, and other social media; UTF-8 Unicode compliance to support multilingual extraction; enhanced scalability through enterprise or multi-threaded deployment options; and web-enabled APIs to support service oriented architecture deployments.

Semantex™ has historically been employed to help government analysts understand key people, places, relationships, and events in large volumes of data. The new enhancements reflected in Semantex™4.5 will not only add value to those users, but significantly open the door for other government, commercial, and academic uses. Semantex™4.5 is able to power a range of solutions from E-Discovery and compliance monitoring to information integration in enterprise systems.

“To effectively manage and exploit the surge of unstructured data, text analysis platforms must be able to scale to handle large volumes of heterogeneous data, fit neatly into service oriented architectures, exploit text in multiple languages, and most importantly, be easily customizable for a customer’s unique needs,” stated Janya founder and CEO Dr. Rohini Srihari. “Semantex™4.5 addresses each of those concerns and helps customers gain meaningful insight from their data,” Srihari added.

"Semantex's ease of integration and robust extraction results make it a natural choice for the initial deployments of the Savanna Analysis Solution," added Philip Pridmore-Brown of Thetus Corporation, a pioneer in semantic modeling and discovery software. "The ability to tailor and connect Semantex extracted results with changing analysis challenges fits brilliantly with the complex analysis challenges faced by Savanna analysts," Pridmore-Brown said.

Semantex™ 4.5 New Features:

Enhanced Ability to Understand Sentiment and Social Media: Accurate understanding of citizen reaction to government outreach efforts, and voter reactions to campaign messages all require the ability to process social media such as chat, Twitter, or blog postings. Semantex™4.5 includes key improvements that allow extraction of information from a range of Web 2.0 technologies.

Broader Language Support: Semantex™4.5 is based on Unicode, thereby enabling multilingual text exploitation. Janya currently offers language packs for text extraction in Chinese and Urdu. Other languages, including Arabic are under development.

User Customization: Semantex™4.5 recognizes that extracting valuable knowledge from unstructured data often requires customizing to a specific field of practice or information source. Semantex Workbench™ is an intuitive graphical interface that allows Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to tailor extraction through a range of simple-to-sophisticated dictionary, pattern, and statistical approaches.

Greater Scalability: Semantex Enterprise™ and Semantex Workgroup™ are both scalable via a distributed architecture and multi-threading respectively.

Easier Integration: Solutions based on sophisticated text analysis often interact with a range of content acquisition, data storage, and visualization tools. The Semantex Web API™ provides a SOAP interface for deployment in a service oriented architecture based solution.

Semantex™4.5 is available immediately for release.

About Janya

Janya, Inc. is a leading innovator of solutions that transform unstructured and semi-structured data into useful information for government agencies, commercial enterprises, and academic users. Its flagship platform, Semantex™, provides rich entity and event profiles that offer decision makers valuable insight into the “who”,” what”, “where”, “when”, and “how” of unstructured information to enable real information integration and discovery. Optimized for Service-Oriented Architecture frameworks, Semantex™ can easily integrate within a customer’s existing workflow and be customized to meet domain specific knowledge requirements. As a multi-lingual information discovery platform, Semantex™ can mine content in English, Chinese, Arabic, and Urdu with other languages to follow.

Janya is headquartered in Amherst, NY with offices in Washington, DC. For more information or to request a demonstration, please visit

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