Teradata Extreme Data Appliance sets standard for affordable scalability

At one-tenth the cost per terabyte, customers can dive deeply into massive volumes of data for smart, profitable business decisions

SAN DIEGO, May 10, 2011 -- Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) today announced the worldwide availability of the Teradata Extreme Data Appliance 1650, which is the first platform to cost effectively analyze massive amounts of historical data yielding fresh enterprise intelligence for smart, profitable business decisions at one-tenth the cost per terabyte of stored data, as compared to a traditional data warehouse.

This purpose-built appliance from Teradata Labs' addresses the emerging analytical needs of customers who demand timely and easy access to extremely large volumes of historical data that are typically offloaded or sometimes even discarded. To meet customer demands, it scales from 23 terabytes (TB) up to 200 petabytes (PB) of user data - and is powered by the industry leading Teradata Database software suite.

"Teradata has packed more scalability and affordability into this next-generation analytic appliance, while maintaining Teradata's well-known performance and functionality advantage," said Scott Gnau, chief development officer, Teradata Corporation. "The ability of Teradata Labs to be the first to market with ground-breaking appliances enables us to continually innovate to meet customers' emerging needs. We are proud that we have helped pave the way for affordable analytics on insight-rich data on a massive scale that helps our customers solve real business problems." "The need of the hour is for a cost effective, next-generation analytic appliance that can convert the deluge of data into actionable real-time information. This is an arduous, but absolutely necessary task to support businesses as they drive results. The appliance must have the analytic muscle combined with scalability to get the job done," said Ari Banerjee, senior analyst, Heavy Reading.

The Teradata Extreme Data Appliance will dramatically expand the ability of companies to leverage all of their data to drive profitable growth, as these examples explain.

e-Commerce – Online businesses can analyze large volumes of click-stream data cost effectively resulting in business intelligence. The use of this advanced insight improves site design, refines target marketing, enhances customer service and lowers website abandonment rates - all contributing to sales growth.

Telecommunications – Data analysis will enable customers to perform an assessment of consumer behavior, network, cell tower, and handset performance; fulfill legal compliance for retention of several years of history; while gaining valuable insights.

Financial Services – To determine risk and meet regulatory requirements, financial services firms can store and run deep analytics on years of historical transaction and consumer data. The resulting intelligence supports governance and new marketing offers based on credit and depository risk.

The Teradata Extreme Data Appliance, based on the field-proven Teradata platform technologies, is a fully integrated, scalable platform with Dual Six Core Westmere 2.93Ghz Intel® Xeon® processors, allowing for up to a 50 percent gain in processing power compared to the previous model. Like all Teradata platforms, it is built on the industry leading Teradata database, and runs on Novell® SUSE® Linux.

The Teradata Extreme Data Appliance uses high capacity 1 TB and 2 TB disk drives, which offers cost-effective storage for massive data volumes and reduces the data center footprint by 50 percent as compared to the previous generation.

The Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family offers customers options allowing them to optimize their data warehouse environments for price and performance. All of the Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family members provide enterprise class capability for today's toughest environments. As customers analyze their analytical needs in developing their data warehouse architecture, Teradata is the trusted advisor that presents customers a range of options, instead of a single product with a single price.

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