Schemaless SQL: enabling analysts to easily question all data types through one familiar interface

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Hadapt today announced "Hadapt Flexible Schema" and "Multi-Structured Tables", enabling business analysts and business intelligence professionals to dramatically reduce the complexity of multi-structured data analysis while accelerating time to insights.

Conceptually, Multi-Structured Tables provide a queryable view of not only traditional structured data, but also non-relational data such as text, document, and key-value pair data in one unified interface. All data types are now queryable via SQL, without any predefined schema or structure—in essence, "Schemaless SQL" over non-relational data stores.

As Hadoop continues its ascent into enterprise applications, traditional analytic boundaries and data processing methodologies are rapidly becoming obsolete.  ETL has long been a constraining aspect of the data analytics pipeline, often limiting the types of data and questions an analyst could ask. Schemaless SQL alleviates these constraints, enabling the data to "speak for itself", dynamically extracting hidden structure and presenting it to the end user.

Unstructured data such as documents and text are becoming increasingly important in the analytic landscape as new application development paradigms emerge. With the breadth of relational tools, technologies, and human capital in the market, it is imperative that analytic architectures evolve to enable unified query processing of multi-structured data.

"When Hadapt pioneered 'SQL-on-Hadoop', it wasn't exclusively about putting a SQL query engine inside of Hadoop," said Hadapt CEO Justin Borgman. "It was about unlocking the entire Hadoop ecosystem for the business analyst and providing them with the analytic DBMS for multi-structured data.

"A key concept in building the 'Analytic DBMS for Hadoop' was to provide the interface and performance of a relational database while maintaining the scalability and flexibility of Hadoop. With this release, Hadapt enables Schemaless SQL over non-relational data stores, providing analysts with the only SQL-based solution for querying multi-structured data."

Daniel Abadi, Professor and Director of the Big Data Systems Research Group at Yale University, who has become a catalyst in transforming the RDBMS market, commented, "The next evolution in the RDBMS market is to marry Hadoop's complete flexibility with an RDBMS's querying capabilities. Expanding on the accessibility of non-relational data from traditionally structured protocols and tools is a core concept Hadapt has always embraced and brought to the forefront of the market."

Hadapt will be exhibiting at the O'Reilly Strata Conference and Hadoop World in New York City October 28-30, where customer Objective Logistics will lead two speaking sessions detailing how they are leveraging Hadapt's Flexible Schema and Multi-Structured Tables for advanced analytics.

About Hadapt
Hadapt has developed the industry's only Big Data analytic platform natively integrating SQL with Apache Hadoop. The unification of these traditionally segregated platforms enables customers to analyze all of their data (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) in a single platform—no connectors, complexities or rigid structure. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.



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