Kristalytics and The Cyrus Company offer database analysis technology

MATTHEWS, N.C., Dec. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Matthew Gillogly, president of The Cyrus Company (, warns that most companies are spending far too much of their marketing budgets on prospects that will likely never convert. In a new partnership with Kristalytics, a technology-based marketing firm, The Cyrus Company is offering cutting-edge database analysis with no upfront cost. This technique enables companies of any size to zero in on the prospects with the greatest potential value. Learn more about this sophisticated and effective technology here:

"Database analysis isn't just for big corporations anymore. True, a large company will have a much bigger list of leads, representing more potential savings simply by virtue of scale. For smaller businesses, though, saving money wherever possible often means the difference between healthy growth and shutting the doors," explained Gillogly. "Our partnership with Kristalytics will enable us to provide small business and startups with a powerful tool once only available to Blue Chip, Fortune 500 companies."

Kristalytics ( is a thought leader in disruptive, powerful marketing strategies. Rather than focus on a company's products or services, Kristalytics looks to the behavior of individuals—namely, what separates potential long-term customers from "tire kickers." Successfully predicting behavior requires lots of scientific input—psychology, sociology, economics—but the end result is a remarkably effective marketing tool.

The method to Kristalytics' effective and versatile strategies is a once-secret database analysis technology. Previously reserved only for top-tier corporations, this particular technology enables "smart" marketing for the digital age.

"Our database analysis technology is powerful, but it's not magic. The tools we use can effectively select the most likely buyers from a list that, to human eyes, may be completely homogenous," said Ben Morris, founder of Kristalytics. "By creating a list of ideal prospects to work with, we help companies save precious time and money, and ultimately see a handsome return on investment."

Kristalytics' database analysis is a four-step process. First, the company identifies the cohort of customers within a list that accounts for the largest share of revenue. Often, a relatively small percentage of customers make up half or more of total revenue. Step two involves building a demographic profile of the "perfect prospect" using information from a vast in-house database. Next, Kristalytics mines its own database again to create a new list of prospects, each of which has a strong potential for conversion. The final step involves creating a campaign that targets only this new list of prospects. Kristalytics is happy to help companies fine tune campaigns to most effectively communicate with their newly targeted potential customers.

When carefully performed, database analysis can eliminate wasted resources, regardless of marketing delivery method. Companies have reported savings of 50 to 80% on direct mail campaigns, while pay-per-click advertisers often cut costs by up to 90%. All that extra money can then be reinvested or passed on to the consumer in the form of discounts and special offers. Kristalytics' proprietary database analysis technology has proven so successful that clients of the company prefer to keep their names out of print; naturally, they don't want competitors to discover their "secret sauce." The Cyrus Company is pleased to be a partner of Kristalytics and is looking forward to offering this exceptional technology to its small business clients.

About Kristalytics

For years, we've combined demographics, psychographics, data analytics, insight and practical application into a one-of-a-kind service. One that has helped companies of all sizes from local mom 'n pop retail stores all the way up to professional sports teams, universities and major corporations. We're now happy to offer the service to any business that wants to double or even triple the efficiency of its entire marketing budget and dramatically improve its bottom line.

About The Cyrus Company

Matthew Gillogly is the founder of The Cyrus Company. Since 1996, Gillogly has been helping businesses large and small grow their revenue, using tailored, measurable approaches.

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