Teradata delivers the next breakthrough for big data with connection analytics

Businesses can analyze contextual relationships between people, products, and processes in new ways to discover powerful insights

PARTNERS CONFERENCE & EXPO Nashville, TN — Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today introduced Connection Analytics powered by the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform. Connection Analytics offers a new class of data-driven analytics for discovering relationships and influences between people, products, and processes. Teradata delivers these analytics in a simple, pre-built, ready-to-run solution that offers richer and more powerful insights.

In the digital world, everything is connected, but the connections may not always be obvious. Understanding the most important linkages within a network takes out the guesswork and provides businesses with tangible results. Previously, analyzing the flow of influence within and between networks has been difficult and expensive. It required specialized systems, unique skillsets, and stitching together algorithms to discover these intertwined relationships.

"This type of analytics has never before been available at enterprise scale for businesses. Connection Analytics from Teradata delivers high-performance analytics that opens a new frontier for big data analytics," said Tony Baer, principal analyst, Ovum.

Connection Analytics from Teradata now delivers advanced analytics across multiple disparate data sets at massive scale, without requiring a large investment of time, money, and resources. It’s built on the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform with the powerful MapReduce and Graph engines complemented by over 100 pre-built algorithms. With Connection Analytics from Teradata, organizations can discover the kinds of linkages and relationships that make it possible to design more effective marketing campaigns, predict fraud and customer churn more quickly, and deliver a superior customer experience.

"Teradata has changed the game by combining next-generation analytic techniques like graph and machine learning, and then, put them in the hands of business users across the enterprise," said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. "Connection Analytics from Teradata delivers the advanced analytics data scientists demand and the usability to extend this capability to business analysts across the enterprise."

With Connection Analytics, organizations can take action to:

Pinpoint the Most Important Influencers: Capturing and understanding a single social media message recommending, or not recommending, a product can offer a competitive edge. Connection Analytics can find the influencers that have the most direct impact on product purchases to help inform marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.

Limit Customer Churn: Companies, such as telecommunication operators, can combine traditional statistics, machine learning, and sentiment analysis with influencer analysis; this sheds light on customer satisfaction and on which customers hold the most influence so they can proactively address customer discontent, prevent churn, and understand the ripple effect.

Manage Cyber Threats: Companies can monitor the relentless stream of data generated from IP, network, server, and communication logs. They can rapidly synthesize all this data so threats can be detected in near real-time.

Detect Fraud: Fraudsters can easily create new identities; however their partners and patterns do not change as frequently. Connection Analytics can expose suspicious patterns that identify potential fraud by tracing known fraudulent transactions to a website or businesses.

About Teradata

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Teradata’s leading portfolio of big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and services can help organizations gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data. Visit

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