Touchbase launches platform for social media data analysis

HONG KONG, May 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Touchbase Inc. has announced its new multi-channel analytics platform. Built on state of the art technology and an exclusive database of digital influencers, the platform enables businesses to optimize their social media strategy.

"We strive to give our clients more than just social media analytics; we want to provide them with social media answers," said Roy Kwong, co-founder.

"Our technology provides the insights that today's businesses need in order to monitor their brand effectively and engage with the community. Touchbase technology is the key to a 'Smarter Insights, Higher Aims' world."

A revolution in market analytics

Users can readily identify followers of digital influencers -- Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and celebrities -- on the world's most popular social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, YouTube and Twitter. Using proprietary algorithms, Touchbase provides real-time analysis of the demographics and behaviors in the target groups.

"Find out more about your audiences' latest interests and discussion topics," said Nary Nhan, Chief Technology Officer. "By delving into the minds of the online community, users can find inspirations for new product offerings, fine tune public relations messages and monitor the successes of marketing campaigns."

Businesses can benefit from a deep understanding of their audiences and the abilities to identify insights that can shape marketing strategies. Touchbase not only tracks the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and identifies potential competitors, but also engages with key advocates across wide-ranges of social media channels.

By analyzing historical trends, the intelligent engagement feature can predict episodes of peak activities on different social media channels. Users can post targeted messages at pre-scheduled times for optimum effects. Through Touchbase, broadcasting can be achieved simultaneously on all compatible social media channels.

"Touchbase technology can access hundreds of thousands of conversations across social media channels, detecting relevant mentions in hashtags, likes, comments, statuses and re-posts," said Kwong.

The Clickcast functionality of Touchbase broadcasts marketing campaign content across all key social media platforms.

A comprehensive data analysis tool generates detailed campaign impact insights. In addition to social media channels, Touchbase tools also cover the most active local discussion forums.

Harnessing the power of Big Data

The platform aggregates real-time information on digital influencers and their follower communities, building an exclusive datasource. Over time this will provide Touchbase users with more accurate and detailed analyses.

The platform automatically rates the artists and KOLs based on their relevance in the industry. This lets users to understand the depth of social media impacts and global influences.

"Big data has almost limitless potentials," Kwong added. "To help building a strong database of digital influencers, we have planned collaborations with local Hong Kong artists and joint ventures with talent management companies."

Benefitting a wide audience

Using Touchbase, companies of different backgrounds can produce targeted marketing campaigns with ease. Business users will quickly realize new opportunities for growth, substantial efficiency gains, and the powerful real-time ability to monitor opinions in the community. From startups to major conglomerates with established brands - Touchbase is a powerful tool.

The platform is well suited to talent management agencies and individual digital influencers from all industries. By connecting social media accounts in their talent portfolio to the Touchbase platform, agencies can use sophisticated analytics tools to enhance their artists' promotions. They can also offer comprehensive and smart digital marketing services to client brands by using Touchbase to engage the talent's social media followers.

In addition, the intelligent matching system provides ample opportunity for joint-sales collaboration. After analyzing a digital influencer's social media followers profile, the platform can identify and recommend suitable client marketing campaigns. This powerful and innovative feature can also provide digital influencers with brand sponsorship suggestions.

To progress international expansion, the company is seeking strategic joint-venture partners overseas. Our top priority is to secure a business cooperation agreement with a mainland Chinese partner, after which we will focus on Northern Europe, United States, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. Touchbase will publish a list of partners with exclusive rights for each territory in due course.

About Touchbase Inc. and Touchbase Venture (HK) Ltd

Touchbase Inc. was established in 2015 to develop the next generation of social business intelligence technology. Its first venture company (Touchbase Venture (HK) Ltd) was launched in Hong Kong on 06 May 2016.

Co-Founder Roy Kwong has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and was the Founder of both Great China Mania Holdings Inc. and GME Holdings Ltd. In his earlier career, Kwong took an established record company in Asia Pacific to the next level by producing over 1,000 music albums and organizing close to 100 concerts for Asian pop stars. The media granted him numerous interviews in recognition of his achievements and great passion. He endeavors to groom the next generation of entertainers and bring quality acts to the world.

Touchbase Venture (HK) Ltd management team includes distinguished Marketer Iris Yum, who comes with over 10 years of marketing and entertainment experience. She is currently the General Manager of GME Holdings Ltd and Chief Operating Officer of GME China Entertainment (HK) Ltd. Yum was previously responsible for advertising and promoting blockbuster movies at Edko Films and Emperor Motion Pictures. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Hong Kong.

Chief Technology Officer and Director of Operations of Touchbase Inc., Nary Nhan joined from Hong Kong Home Deco, where she was Director of Asia Pacific operations. Prior to this she spent 15 years with the Walt Disney Company in Hong Kong, France and the United States. There she held various leadership roles in business solutions of sales, marketing and operations. Nhan holds Master's degrees in Computer Science (Hons), Applied Mathematics (Hons) and International Business (Hons).

Source: Touchbase

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