Verikai launches predictive score to speed underwriting for SMBs in group health

Capture Score Combines Clinical Outcomes with Behavioral Data to Predict Claims Cost with Greater Accuracy

San Francisco, CA, May 9, 2019 - Verikai announced the launch of its new Capture Score to help carriers improve the speed of their quoting process and their net margin in the rapidly growing small group health market. With a database of 250 million people with more than 4,000 attributes per person, including health, behavioral, lifestyle, adherence and other alternative data, Verikai is tracking over 1 trillion data points across the adult population in the U.S. Based on a census, Verikai can match each individual to a risk-based score and assign a predictive claim cost to each individual and can be returned as a group score. The Capture Score can be calibrated to any carrier's manual experience.

"We've evaluated thousands of data sources and interrogated massive amounts of information around consumer behavior to identify over 4,000 attributes that provide the most lift. These behavioral data points, when combined with medical, provide unique insight and meaningful performance," said Hari Sundram, CEO and Founder of Verikai. "The platform and dataset are unlike anything else on the market. It's not enough to know that someone has a medical condition. It's just as important to know how they are going to behave. It's important to have forward-looking data at an individual data such that any exposure, from rare diseases to common chronic conditions can be differentiated by its impact on the group as a whole."

Currently, insurance companies use traditional methods to gather data, including medical prescription (Rx) scores or health risk assessments forms (HRA) to assess the risk of small groups. Rx data provides only a limited understanding of claims cost and HRAs are burdensome to the ecosystem. Verikai leverages hundreds of different data sources including demographics, purchasing history, healthcare, behavior and affluence with artificial intelligence to predict claiming costs with higher accuracy while delivering the scores in real-time at a reduced cost. Verikai also reduces cycle times for insurance companies in underwriting, grows net premium through accurate risk assessment and increases lifetime customer value metrics.

About Verikai

Verikai is an applied data company that provides scores to insurance carriers to improve the accuracy of their quotes. Verikai is headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit,

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