Apptio expands access for business users with new self-service analytics

Business, Technology, and Finance Leaders Can Now Easily Gain the Insights Needed to Make Critical Business Decisions Without an Analyst

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Apptio, Inc., the leading provider of SaaS solutions to help organizations make smart decisions, is expanding access to its reporting platform for business users with new Self-Service Analytics. This will provide all users with the ability to explore and analyze their own technology finance data whenever and however they want to. Apptio's Self-Service Analytics will allow for faster decision-making and wider consumption of business-critical information.

Apptio's reporting and analytics engine provides powerful insights into organizations' technology finance data; however, customers continue to ask for easier and faster ways to conduct their own custom analysis, as and when they need to. In response to this demand from its customer base, Apptio is excited to now expand access to its reporting and data for business, technology, and finance leaders. With Self Service Analytics, all Apptio users can create personalized reports of their financial data, analyze trends and anomalies, and customize reports and visualizations that can be easily shared across their organization.

"I'm looking forward to Apptio's self-service analytics solution as it will empower our users with more flexibility to build their own custom reports and more rapidly answer business questions," said Monica Braun, Technology Business Management (TBM) Practice Manager with Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Users can now query all of their financial, operational, and vendor data through Apptio's product suite and visualize it in any of several chart formats including bar graph, line graph, area graph or table. These visualizations can then be made viewable within their organization and shared with multiple stakeholders in seconds. Users can go a step further and add multiple visualizations to a dashboard to create a single, cohesive pane of glass that can then be used to report on and share key data with stakeholders. Apptio users can also create new reports or modify a copy of any existing report to accommodate unique queries or pivots on existing data.

"We are deeply committed to expanding and enhancing the experience of Apptio's core applications for our customers. We know that thousands of businesses rely on data derived from Apptio's platform to make critical decisions about their business and innovation strategy," said Scott Chancellor, Apptio's Chief Product Officer. "Democratizing our reporting and analytics was the next logical step on this journey and a sign of much more to come."

Self-Service Analytics will be available for beta in December 2019. For more information, please go to

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