VisiRule: a new graphical business rules tool from LPA

London, UK, July 13, 2004 -- LPA today announced VisiRule, a graphical charting tool which lets you draw, test and generate business-rules applications and/or components.

VisiRule allows developers to design and deliver commercial rule-based systems, expert systems, and knowledge-based systems on the Pcs and Internet without writing any code. You simply draw the decision logic using a point-and-click paradigm and state the conditional logic to use at the relevant branching points.

This means that you no longer have to be a sophisticated AI programmer to build decision support systems which may involve complex and interconnected logic.

VisiRule allows you to rapidly produce accurate charts which you can share and discuss with non-technical collegaues who understand the business process at hand.

VisiRule generates applications thru its delivery of Flex KSL code. Flex is a hybrid Expert System development toolkit based in Prolog and used in many commercial knowledge-based systems. Prolog is a logic-based AI language which includes support for theorem proving.

Basic features of VisiRule include:

. simple point and click drawing interface

. interactive editing of decision charts

. layout tools for alignment of boxes and links

. export to meta-file facility for using charts in Word etc

. logic-based syntax analyser to detect typos

. logic-based semantic analyser to check for completeness and consistency

VisiRule runs on all version of Windows and requires 128 Mb mmeory. Prices start from 2,000 USD.

The LPA web-site contains an overview of VisiRule on:

The LPA web-site contains a suite of interactive Flex demos on:

LPA is a leading supplier of Prolog compilers, AI and Expert System tools. Based in London, LPA was formed in 1981 and is a well respected Artificial Intelligence company with customers throughout the world.

Clive Spenser, Marketing Director
Logic Programming Associates Ltd.,
Studio 30, R.V.P.B., Trinity Road,
London, SW18 3SX,

Tel: +44 20 8871 2016
Fax: +44 20 8874 0449

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