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In memory of my father, LaVern Joseph Power, 
May 2, 1921 - November 20, 2010. Rest in Peace.

In this issue:

1) What is a database?

2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

3) Recent DSS News Headlines

1) What is a database?

by Dan Power

Database is a familiar term to most people. While some people have an 
intuitive understanding of the term, many would have difficulty 
explaining the meaning of the term and explaining the concept of 
a database. At one time "data base" was two words used to describe 
a place for storing data. Over the past 25 years, the single word 
"database" has become commonly used to refer to computerized software 
for storing and retrieving data. The actual database is an organized 
collection of data. One hopes the stored data is logically related,
relevant to the purpose and accurate. 

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2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

1. BI Congress II sponsored by AIS SIG DSS, St Louis, MO,
Dec. 11 and 12, 2010, join academic professionals 
and industry representatives.

2. Call for papers: Journal of Decision Systems (JDS) special 
issue on “Decision Making in Web 2.0 and Social Media 
Environments”, due January 15, 2011. 

3. Call for papers: ICDSS 2011 - International Conference on 
DSS, June 6-7, 2011, Tilburg University, the Netherlands, due 
February 1, 2011. Check


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3) Recent DSS News Headlines

11/19/2010 Teradata partners with RainStor for big data retention
 and retrieval at a low cost.

11/19/2010 Made in IBM labs: New architecture can double analytics
 processing speed. 

11/17/2010 Microsoft Lync arrives and brings communications to 
new heights. 

11/16/2010 Next Analytics offers Excel users complete social media
 and Google Analytics integration.

11/12/2010 IBM and European partners to pioneer new storage cloud

11/11/2010 IBM completes acquisition of Netezza.

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