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In this issue:

1) What is next generation BI?

2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

3) Recent DSS News Headlines

1) What is next generation BI?

by Dan Power

Most of us recognize that we need better software and systems 
to get better business intelligence. We also need better data 
and better analyses. We must do more than improve technology 
to create next generation data-driven DSS that provide BI. 
Recently, Doug Henschen and Charles Phillips have told us about 
the wonderful technology developments creating the next generation 
of BI. Perhaps we are clever enough to improve our intelligence 
about the dynamic business systems of today, but perhaps we are 
vainly adding technology to solve a need that requires new 
approaches. Let me summarize what excites Doug and Charles and 
then examine their conclusions.
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2) DSS Conferences/Call for Papers

1. Last Call for papers: Journal of Decision Systems (JDS) special 
issue on “Decision Making in Web 2.0 and Social Media 
Environments”, due January 20, 2011. 

2. Call for papers: ICDSS 2011 - International Conference on 
DSS, June 6-7, 2011, Tilburg University, the Netherlands, due 
February 1, 2011. Check


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3) Recent DSS News Headlines

01/12/2011 Honolulu Doctors get connected via Wellogic for 
safer, more cost effective patient care.

01/12/2011 CSN Stores enhances shopping experience with IBM 
data warehouse appliance.

01/12/2011 Sybase Survey finds mobile enterprise apps poised 
to take off in 2011.

01/11/2011 Jaspersoft 4 delivers first end-to-end BI for 
Web applications.

01/10/2011 IBM’s “Watson” computing system to challenge all 
time greatest Jeopardy! champions.

01/10/2011 Microsoft previews next-generation ERP.

01/07/2011 United States Marine Corps and Concurrent 
Technologies Corporation win Defense Logistics' Best 
Technology Implementation Award.

01/06/2011 MicroStrategy's latest software release delivers 
more than 6 times greater capacity with 3 times faster 
response time.

01/06/2011 Fast Teradata performance keeps SKECHERS on the 
right foot. 

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