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Report from ISDSS 2003 in Ustron

by Dan Power

A week ago I arrived in Ustron, Poland for the International Society for 
Decision Support Systems (ISDSS) 7th International Bi-annual Conference. 
The conference theme "DSS in the Uncertainty of the Internet Age" was a 
fitting prelude to the next generation decision support many of us 

Ustron and the Hotel Belweder was a excellent setting for the 
conference.  We had good accommodations, good food and entertainment and 
good interactions.  The variety of papers underscored the vigor of 
current DSS research and the strong Central European participation in 
the conference brought some new researchers and some bright students 
from the Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice into our 
midst.  The students supported the efforts of the organizers and they 
seemed interested in what was going on at the conference

Both Tung Bui, the conference chair, and Henryk Sroka, the co-chair, 
must be complimented for assembling a strong program. We began by 
honoring the life of our departed colleague Oleg Larichev, Russian 
Institute for Systems Analysis.  Professor Larichev served on the 
steering committee of ISDSS'03, but he died January 19, 2003 and we 
missed his smile and his enthusiasm for decision support. 

Professor Bui, University of Hawaii-Honolulu, presented the first 
keynote on DSS and "ubiquitous" computing.  DSS will be everywhere and 
anywhere -- Are you reading this on your cell phone? Paul Gray had an 
innovative, video-based keynote on BI and DSS. We all would have enjoyed 
having Paul present at the conference, but as expected Paul did 
stimulate discussion on the changing nature of decision support. Michel 
Klein raised issues of web-based collaboration and held out the prospect 
of creating more web-based DSS teaching resources.  Stanislaw Stanek, 
Henryk Sroka and Zbigniew Twardowski (all of Katowice University of 
Economics) reported an ambitious decision support research project for 
supporting credit risk assessment involving simulation, agents and XML. 
My keynote titled "Defining Decision Support Constructs" seemed well 
received.  I plan to put a PDF of the conference paper at 
DSSResources.COM and I'm hoping an expanded version will appear in an 
academic journal.

Because of some parallel sessions, more than 35 papers were presented at 
the 2-day conference. I've read all of the papers and I've heard 20 of 
them presented.  I recommend them to you. DSS case study applications 
ranged from a web-based "feeding" DSS for supporting fish farming in 
China to a tool for supporting option based strategies in on-line 
trading. We'll see if my new friend Jacques Ajenstat (Univ. du Quebec a 
Montreal) who co-authored the paper on option based trading becomes a 
millionaire. Also, GDSS, BI and multicriteria DSS topics were well 
represented in the mix of papers. You can check the conference web site 
( for the program and if a title 
sounds interesting contact the author directly for the paper.

Overall, the conference was well worth the long journey.  My only regret 
is that I didn't have more time to interact with the many great 
colleagues I met in Poland. From August 3-5, I'll be in Tampa at the 
Americas Conference on Information System (AMCIS 2003).  If you're there 
too, Say Hi! and attend the SIGDSS business meeting Sunday at 5pm.  
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07/11/2003 Posted article by Lang, C., "Professional and Collaborative 
Decision-Support: Many Ways to Improve Decision-Making". Check the 
articles page.

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DSS News Releases - July 7 to July 18, 2003

07/18/2003 CSC deploys Enterprise Resource Planning system to support
U.S. Army logistics modernization.

07/17/2003 Informatica announces packaged analytic content will be
available to systems integration and software application partners, 
and not sold directly. 

07/17/2003 General Dynamics-Rockwell Collins Team to provide computing 
infrastructure for Army's Future Combat Systems Program. 

07/16/2003 O’Reilly Automotive selects MicroStrategy for reporting, 
analysis and information delivery. 

07/16/2003 Aberdeen Group report predicts moderate increase in 
technology spending over next 6-12 months.

07/16/2003 Clabby Analytics report suggests that end user participation 
in development is the only thing remaining for successful new enterprise 

07/15/2003 Manpower introduces NetSelect, a Web-based employment 
prescreening tool, as part of its HR suite.

07/15/2003 Experian and Marketswitch partner for new B2C marketing 

07/14/2003 First annual Pre-ICIS Workshop on Decision Support Systems.

07/14/2003 "No Empty Portals!" initiative at Plumtree has deployed over 
40 portals.

07/11/2003 Compoze and BEA Expand Alliance to Deliver Enhanced 
Collaboration to BEA WebLogic Portal Customers.

07/10/2003 Army and Boeing-SAIC LSI team selects future combat systems 

07/09/2003 Information Builders partners with Unisys to offer the most 
scalable enterprise business intelligence and integration. 

07/08/2003 Sun Microsystems awarded $50M Department of Defense contract 
to develop High Productivity Computing System. 

07/08/2003 U.S. Army National Ground Intelligence Center expands use of 
Verity software. 

07/08/2003 Crystal Decisions enhances Microsoft Excel integration to 
deliver immediate benefits to business users and IT.

07/07/2003 MicroStrategy signs $5 million deal with U.S. Postal Service. 

07/07/2003 Financial modeling of withdrawals from an Endowment 

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